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Hey girl heyyyyyyyy💖👯‍♀️

It’s Monday! Which means a fresh new week! Let’s kick it off with a little chat about—

Daily Habits for Happiness and Success😍


SO many of us waste time trying to buy happiness when it doesn’t cost a cent. We wish and dream of a day when we are able to afford certain things to make us feel happy and successful, like a new home, exotic vacations, etc 🛍


But here’s the REAL DEAL— Happiness and success do not come from tangible things. It's a consciousness, a progression in your personal and professional life. Happiness and success come when you are achieving your goals and living in your purpose to create a better life and biz. 💯


So how do you get there?

You can start with  getting rid of the habits that hold you back, and developing new ones that help you get more done during the day, slay your deadlines, and be able to crawl in bed at night with a smile on your face because everything's headed in the right direction.


We all have the same 24 hours as Beyoncé. ⏰


Your life is happening. Whether or not you're in control. Every day that you wake up and go to bed is 24 hours of time that's come and gone. What all are you accomplishing in your 24 hours? 🤷🏻‍♀️


Some babes go to bed with no real sense of accomplishment, and some babes go to bed knowing that what they accomplished that day will bring them happiness and help create the life and biz they dream of. The difference in these two is that one lets life drive her, and the other drives her own life. 🙄


Every day that you wake up is a day that you can control whether or not you're happy - whether or not you're going to be successful. It begins with a plan. What are you going to do today to take steps that create your life? 💁🏻‍♀️


What steps are you taking to be successful?

If you don't know what steps to take, then you have no course of action. If that sounds like something you've struggled with, its important to learn how to account for your future.


Start by planning ahead for what you want - and making it happen.

You can plan ahead each day for how you're going to spend your time— even your free time (and you should have free time, so put it in the plan)!📖


Planning ahead is one thing that the world's most successful babes have in common. They don't just fly by the seat of their pants and let things just occur - they CREATE the kind of life that they want to live. 🔥


Create Your Reality of Your Dreams

Visualization leads to Realization. Visualize what it is that you want. When you use visualization, you keep your focus. This works to keep you motivated. (Studies have shown that motivated people are happier and less stressed than those who aren't. )😍

You'll be able to find happiness - even when things go wrong - if whatever steps you're taking focus on seeing your dreams come true. Close your eyes and visualize you decorating your new home, seeing your bank account with a specific amount of money in it, or welcoming your new clients or customers!

Using your imagination will help you start living the role of the life you want to be in. But you don't want to stay chained to disappointment for what hasn't manifested yet.

Being appreciative of your current situation and where you're heading is important, too. Be grateful for the things and the opportunities that come your way that allow you to chase after what you want.

If you have good health that allows you to do what you want to do, be thankful for that. Whenever opportunities come along, recognize them for what they are, a step toward the future you want.

Even when obstacles pop up, appreciate them. Because obstacles mean that you're moving forward & that you're taking action to make the life and biz of your dreams a reality.


Find a Daily Challenge📆


When you challenge yourself in any area of your life, you end up growing. If you stick to what you already know and you only do the things you know you're good at, you stay stuck.

Choose an area of your life to challenge yourself in (and make sure that you cover each of them). For example, in the area of exercise, challenge yourself to do more than you thought you could with your workout.🧘🏻‍♀️

Maybe instead of doing 30 minutes of walking each day, you shoot for 45 minutes. You'll gain a sense of accomplishment that will make you feel both happy and successful.

Try a new food - something that's outside of your comfort zone. This broadens your horizons and can help you learn about other cultures. Maybe you find happiness in cooking, so this can bring your family together, too. 🍔

Learn something new. People that continually grow in knowledge challenge their brain. This can be a new language, book, or skill. It could be something like taking a dance lesson or visiting a place that moves you, shakes up your life, and gives you a deeper perspective. 📘

Revive a “failure”. Every single person in the world has a failure of some kind in their life. They tried something and it didn't work. They didn’t accomplish a goal. Look back at something that you tried and really wanted but gave up on. Sometimes the passing of time can add fresh ideas and a better understanding of why the failure happened.

When you look back over your life at something that failed, it could be that you just weren't prepared for that success. When you challenge yourself to be an "overcomer," you'll find a sense of happiness when you complete each task.

Finishing things is one of the keys to success. It's especially rewarding when you go back to something you previously failed at. Remember, it took many tries before the lightbulb finally worked! 💡


Make It a Point to Give Every Day Your All💯


We all have areas of life that we hold back in. Maybe it comes out of fear of looking stupid, or fear of failure. But being and doing your best every single day is the key to success.


Challenging yourself and raising your standards will bring a new level of success! Even if it's just working around your house, don't settle for "good enough." Keep going - and even if you have to start the task all over again, work hard to make it right.


But remember - there is a difference in doing a task right and being a perfectionist.

You can give your all with work and in personal relationships, and when you see the difference between doing enough and doing as much as you can, it will shock you at how better things are when you actually try hard and give things your all! 🔥


Be fully present in everything you do every single day. Refuse to let yourself go through life on autopilot. (You can tell if you're on autopilot if you finish doing something, but you can't remember parts about doing the task.)

Your body was there working, but your mind was already off on something else. When you're fully present, it can give you an appreciation for what you're doing and for what you have.

Some people call this mindfulness. You leave multi tasking behind and focus on one thing at a time - one conversation, one meal, one project, etc. It helps you maximize your effort and emerge with better results than if you didn't try as hard.


Stop Working When It's Time to Stop


Remember that your life is a series of seconds, minutes and hours each day. It's important to work hard because this contributes to your happiness and success. There's nothing wrong with being the kind of person who works hard. 🔥

But if you're working so many hours and you have such big projects on your shoulders that the line between work and your free time is blurred, it's time to take a step back.

There's a reason that taking time off work is important. This helps you recharge your batteries and helps you relax and not lose sight of the big picture of your life. Work is only a portion of your life. There are other aspects to it. When you allow work to take over, it throws everything else out of balance. This is one of the reasons that babes tend to start to eat unhealthy meals when they're working too hard.

They get too tired or too stressed to take the time to prepare a healthy meal. It's easier to grab whatever is convenient. If they took the time to de-stress, they would be making healthier decisions that would serve their work better. 🙄


You'll be happier if you set work boundaries. People that have a definitive line between their work and off time are far more successful. When you take time off, you can actually improve your slay.

Not doing this will lead to unhappiness, poor health, stress and can negatively affect your relationships. Besides, you need to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and having a set quitting time will enable you to make plans for that!


Protect Your Sleep Time😴


Seeking happiness and success - especially if you're trying to build a business - can impact your sleep. You might already know the importance of getting the sleep that your body needs.

But what you might not know is that when you skip out on getting enough sleep, you are sabotaging yourself.

Losing sleep leads to feelings of unhappiness, anxiety and irritability.

Plus, when you don't get the sleep that your body needs, it leads to a loss of productivity. You will begin to slow down physically and mentally because your body just can't function at top performance when it doesn't have the right amount of sleep.

(& One way to tell if you're getting the right amount of sleep for your body can be judged by how you feel in the mornings. If you wake up and you feel refreshed, that's a sign that you're getting enough sleep. )

If you’re feeling drained or sluggish— you’re not getting enough. Getting enough sleep replaces the energy stores that you drained during the day. If you fail to refill that, then you're running on a deficit the next day.

Sometimes the unhappiness in our personal lives or the work stress can prevent a good night's sleep. It's a vicious cycle, because a lack of sleep contributes to the same issues.

If you're not sleeping enough, start by examining your sleep habits. At you getting to bed early enough? Are you sleeping in a cool room with no distractions? Is your bedding comfortable?


Dress For Success Every Day👗


The way that you dress affects your self-esteem and can make you feel less confident. Wearing clothes that are slouchy, and unflattering can affect your happiness.You may even feel anxious or depressed.

The clothing that you wear presents an image to the world - but the most important image is the one that you see. If you're someone who struggles with self-esteem and confidence issues, wearing clothes that will make you feel GOOD will help!

Just try it—Wear a pair of worn out sweatpants and a baggy shirt out in public. Don't take the time to style your hair. Then go out wearing a nice outfit with your hair attractively styled.

You'll notice a difference in the way that you walk and in the way that you act. When you dress like it doesn't matter, it will change how you see yourself. But more than that, it changes how you'll handle what you have to do that day.

You won't feel your sharpest because the clothes affect you mentally. (You don't have to spend a lot of money to dress for success.) What a lot of people don't realize is that dressing for success isn't just referring to looking the part.

It's all has to do with how you FEEL too.

When you dress for success, you feel happier. You feel like a success and then your actions will follow those feelings. Make it a habit every day to dress in clothes that make you feel good about yourself. 👠

If you're working online and showing up on a video, or meeting with people in person, “dressing for success” can help present a more professional persona, which can boost your sales, in turn - making you happier!


So now that you have these tips— don’t try to implement a bunch of new daily habits all at once. Build slowly. It takes awhile for a new habit to take root, so don't beat yourself up if you're slow to implement them on a routine basis.

It may take a few weeks to create and set your new habits, but soon you'll start to notice amazing changes and that will motivate you to continue each and every day. 🔥

What are some of your favorite daily habits to creating a happy and successful life and biz?!

Brand with Benefits

So we've talked all about the importance of creating a brand to stand out from the girl next door-- but what else is in it for you?  

Creating a killer brand..  


➕ helps you stand the test of time.

To reach a your tribe and attract new customers, it's important to keep up to date with the latest marketing trends. These trends have a tendency to come and go-- and let's be honest-- so do a lot of other online businesses and network/direct marketers.  Branding, when done correctly, can be a constant. This consistency in an ever changing space creates a sense of familairity and trust! If you're taking the time to be branded, and use your branding consistently, you will be perceived as more professional and more likely to still be around if someone wants to re-order or needs customer service!   (So this means that you want to make sure you get your branding right, and that you USE it consistently! If you're struggling with these things, let's chat!)  


➕   Builds recognition.

Branding allows customers to recognize a business instantly. The benefits of this for any business are limitless because many people are more willing to buy because of recognition alone. 


➕   creates value.

Let's say we are shopping and trying to decide betwen two shirts. One is just a plain tee, the other has a little Nike logo embroidered on it. 9/10 times, customers are willing to pay several times more money for a very similar product because of brand alone! 


➕ builds loyalty.

A strong brand with a good reputation keeps customers loyal. If a customer trusts the brand, they will be more likely to buy related products rather than shop elsewhere. 


➕ creates connection, cohesiveness, and consistency across multiple platforms.

Marketing strategies have to be learned and adapted for different social media platforms. Branding is more uniform. So, the brand logo and tagline can be used as a Facebook and Google+ header. It can be the Twitter logo and a watermark on Instagram pictures. This also reinforces the recognition of the brand. People then are more likely to 'like' on Facebook, follow on Twitter and repost on Instagram.


➕ reduces long-term costs.

Although time and resources are needed to create a strong brand, once this done, it is easy to maintain. In fact, in some cases, less money can be spent on advertising and marketing because the branding creates less need.  


➕   increases revenue.

Having a strong brand leads to more sales and allows you to charge more. Your tribe is willing to pay premium prices if they are obsessed with and trust your brand. 


demonstrates credibility and professionalism.

If you've invested in your business enough to have a professional looking brand it makes a statement that you are serious and here to stay. This gives people more confidence to buy from businesses that are going to be around in a few years.


➕makes selling much easier!

With people already trusting in the brand, it is much easier to continue selling products. It's statistically proven that existing customers are more likely to purchase again than someone who has never purchased before! (And they are more likely to make sure they tell their friends too!)


Are you branding your business like a "you up" text kinda fling, or at least going for the brand with benefits? 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

If your branding feels more like a one night stand and less like the dependable gonna be around type, and you're not even sure where to start--- baby girl, let's chat! 💖

#WCW // Women Crushin' It Wednesday ! // Garima of Mystical Berries

Hey babes Hey!

If you've been around here for long, you already know that I'm ALL ABOUT #babessupportingbabes! So I'm excited to be featuring one of my favorite babes this week! Garima is a member of our girlgang, #Trendsetters! And I have been so blessed to get to know her a little better, and watch her grow and blossom! She's following her heart, and making big things happen! So I'm so honored to introduce you to my babe--

Garima Talreja!


Email Address:garima.kalani@gmail.com


Instagram: http://instagram.com/mysticalberries


What do you do? (What's your job description / title?):Design and sell customized apparels and accessories and teach women who want to start their own online boutique

What do you REALLY do?:Have fun teaching women who want to start their own online boutique, spread love and make people happy with my custom designs and apparel.

How/when did you get started?:I and my husband felt surrounded by negativity, criticism and being told what we can't-do. MB is our little effort to spread positivity and give encouragement through tangible items.

What's your next big thing?:Open an online store for my audience in India. Do pop up shows and have my products in gift shops and stores around Australia.

What's the one thing you'd like to share with all other #girlbosses?!:I've tried, failed, tried again, failed and kept trying till things finally started working out. I knew that this was possible, and I also knew that I could not let the roadblocks stop me because this was my dream and even though it's not as perfect as I wanted it to be, it's still coming true. Don't be afraid of chasing your dreams and don't let the first roadblock push you into doubting yourself.

Celeb Crush:Taylor Swift

Fave Song / Current Jam:Look What You Made Me Do

Fave thing to do:Listen to Music

Spirit Emoji:Pink Heart

Go-To lipstick color/brand:I'm not a lipstick girl

Favorite Outfit // Work:Black Skirt and Shirt

Favorite Outfit // Play:Jeans and top

Thing you NEVER leave the house without:Phone and sunnies

Fave part of being a #girlboss:Being surrounded by like minded women and seeing the happiness on the faces of my clients

Inspired most by:Shahrukh Khan. He's an Indian Bollywood actor.

One thing about you that might surprise others:I'm very shy and introvert

2017 Goals:Launch my book, Have my products on shelves at stores around Melbourne

15 Tips to Re-Energize Your Business + Life!

Don't get me wrong, working from home has its perks like setting your own hours, creating a life and business by design. But, it's EASY to get distracted, uninspired, or even overwhelmed by everything going on around you, or unmotivated because the lack of real in person interaction! 


Trust me-- I have been there! I finally decided that it had to change and took back control so that I can stay focused, excited, & inspired every day!  

So today I'm sharing 15 of my favorite tips to re-energize your business, and your life! 🔥


1. Always be learning and growing. 

Always have a book on the go! Use an app like audible during your breaks or drive time! Reading is a vital component to self-development, which you should be making time for on a regular basis. This is to nutrient your personal development AND your professional development. Just 15 minutes of reading a day can be a total game changer!



2. Schedule your time for "office hours" and don’t let it impose on your personal time.

Don’t let all the “to dos” get in the way of your personal life. Working from home can end up with working all the time--which sort of defeats the purpose of being self-employed. Make a schedule for business tasks and work within that schedule.  There can be the occasional exceptions of course, but when you find that you’re not sticking to the flexible schedule that you had created, you either need to re-think your time or be more disciplined in your approach to working time.



3. You're not a jar of Nutella, you can't please everyone.

Be clear on what your motives and intentions are and don’t let someone else’ssway you. This relates to people in your personal life and in your business. From clients/customers that want more time from you or quicker responses, or a spouse that feels your business is taking up too much time or doesn’t understand your passion -- don’t let the opinions of others change your business process when you know that’s what you want. Be careful to not be completely close-minded either. Hear people out and consider their opinion, then stand by what you feel is right.



4. Share your work schedule with your family, and communicate your "office hours" with your customers / clients!

Posting a print out of your weekly schedule on the fridge, office door or other visible area will let your family members know when you have planned to work and even what kind of work you’ll be doing. This helps to avoid someone in your house planning something that requires or requests your involvement during your work hours and allows you to share a bit of your business life with your family. 

Share your "business hours" on your website, Facebook page, etc!



5. Have #Bizbesties. 

Have one or two people that you can regularly talk to about what’s happening with your business. Especially when you’re first starting out, it can be discouraging to feel like you don’t have anyone to share the achievements and the frustrations with. Even though you can connect with many other people online in the same situation as you (which you should do) it’s much more effective to get to connect and share with someone you already have an established relationship with.



6. Take at least a 15 minute break every 2 hours of work.

When you’re mainly focusing on your computer screen, you can get fatigued much more quickly than if you are moving around. After sitting at your computer for 2 hours, get up and get a drink, have a stretch, take a walk, anything that gets you on your feet and not staring at a screen. You’ll find yourself more focused and refreshed after a short break.



7. Get out of the house!

If you’re working a home-based business then take breaks where to do run errands or leave the house for an hour or two to for lunch with a friend or you time. Shifting your focus and creating a day that is filled with a variety of activities provides a greater feeling of satisfaction with your day, as you’ve been able to give attention to several areas and get a "break" from the routine.



8. Do something to make you better.

If you haven’t made the time in any other part of your day to devote to your personal growth through reading then take a reading break. Find yourself a comfortable spot to chill, go outside if possible or just move yourself to a different spot than where you were working. It’s good to get a change of scenery and fit in the always important element of learning.



9. Make sure your "breaks" are really "breaks".

The most effective kind of break to take is a break that has you giving attention to some other areas of your life. Using your time wisely in this way will create a more productive life and not just center on a more productive work life. It is important to keep in mind that making your work break a short and sweet time to see family (or sneak away for a little "retail therapy") can be a key to creating a balanced life that will have a massive impact on your overall productivity!



10. Eat right.

Eating right is essential on so many levels! You are so much more motivated and productive if you’re feeding your body the right kind of fuel. Get educated on what the best diet is for you and eat a variety of foods that are providing your body with the appropriate nutrients that it needs to function at It's best.  



11. Shake yo' booty.

It's important to make sure you MOVE! Physical activity is so essential to prioritize when working from home! To really help clear your mind, burn some calories, and get your blood pumping, crank your favorite playlist and twerkkkkkkk it! Not only will you have more energy for the day, you'll also think more clearly, work more quickly, burn some calories AND be working on those #bootygoals all at the same time!



12. Celebrate your inner goddess.

You are a spiritual being that needs to regularly nourish that aspect of yourself. If you don’t feel drawn to an organized faith or religion, just be connected to the spiritual nourishment of nature. There is more to life than just what you see and think about and take time every day to become aware of your inner spirit through mediation, communing with nature, or learning about various spiritual aspects of humanity.



13. Hang out, IRL.

Get connected face-to-face with people in all aspects of your life-- family, friends, business associates or casual acquaintances.  You never know what may come of a conversation where you are truly in the moment and making the most of your time with someone.



14. Schedule your priorities first.

It's so important to spend quality time with the people you love. If you find you’re not connecting with those special people in your life on an intimate level then schedule in a weekly ‘date’ where you spend time with one another and get a chance to be totally present together.



15. Be the type of babe that makes others wanna step up their game.

Knowing that your tribe needs you to inspire and encourage them creates a greater sense of ownership in all you are creating in your business and life. It makes it that much more important to "lead from the front!"


Stay lit by serving your tribe daily, not only on your own platforms -- but also in community based Facebook groups, etc!

When you are constantly inspiring others you will be creating habits, connections, and karma that will manifest in ways that help you live your dream life!


And most importantly-- don't forget to step into your greatness and actually LIVE your dream life!


Surround yourself with empowering affirmations and people! Avoid negative voices and mediocre minds. 

You've got this! Keep going!

Remember, you don’t need to have everything figured out.


Learn as you go and be open to change! Work on training your mind to think and execute plans like the badass entrepreneur you are!


Don't forget to take risks and try new things! Epic things never happen in comfort zones!


If you focus the right attention and determination, and can roll with the punches you will be unstoppable! 


What are some of your favorite ways to stay energized in your business when you work from home?

What To Wear When You Work From Home

One of my FAVORITE things about working from home is that I can literally spend my work day in my undies if I want to-- but that doesn't mean I do!

It can be easy to get caught up in our tasks for the day and not prioritize getting ourselves "ready" for work! 

When I decided that for others to take me (and my work from home business) seriously, one of the first changes I made was going from no pants queen to stylish blogger-- because at the end of the day which would you rather actually be?


 You are playing a role! the role of a badass bizbabe. You're fortunate enough to be the boss, call the shots and set your own hours. This SOUNDS amazing-- but #letskeepitreal, it can be a lot of responsibility! 

We all know that motivation comes from within instead of without. Motivation, focus and discipline are all serious challenges for the working at home babe. Not being able to find your routine, and get in your zone will lead to burn out QUICK! That is not the way that your business and your dreams will grow.

What can you do?

Get out of those pjs and do your hair.

Changing your frame of mind is simpler when you are dressed for success.

Remember how you prepared when you worked in the office?

Do the same at home. The one advantage is that you don't have to get up so early and you won't be required to spend your cash on gas getting to your "job".

Dress for Success

What will make you feel like you are at work?

It all depends on the nature of your business. If you work mainly online, most of the time, you do not have direct face-to-face contact with clients. Your dress code can be casual. If a video chat or live comes up, you don't have to rush and change. And you'll be looking cute but put together for any promotional videos ( and or selfies)!

The game changes a bit when your business involves going out and meeting clients.

The clothes that you wear are a part of your presentation.

Who wouldn't want to buy a product from a fashionably dressed babe?

One of your customers may also be more likely to take advantage of the business opportunities you represent because you looked the part! And looking good means you're going to be feeling good + on top of your game!

Fill Your Own Cup

The time you're spending getting ready is also an important part of "filling your own cup"! It's important to prioritize YOU before the day even begins!

What do you typically wear for a "work from home" day?! Tell me in the comments! >>BONUS POINTS IF YOU INCLUDE A WORK DAY SELFIE! 

My Favorite Tips To Working Smarter, Not Harder Off The Clock To Live Your Best Life

The last few week weeks I've been sharing some tips on how to really work smarter not harder in your biz! This week I wanted to share some ways you can leverage your off the clock time to really live your best life!

Starting with what you should do at the work day/week:

➕ Put away your work stuff!

You might be using it again as soon as you start the next day, but that is no excuse for leaving it lying about. Putting away your stuff not only keeps things organized, it also helps you be able to get out of "work mode" and be present in your life, AND you'll start the next day feeling like you've got your 'ish together and are ready to #slay!


➕ Review your day.

Take some time to look over what all you accomplished for the day, as well as what you maybe didn't get checked off the todo list. Also take a few minutes to just process the day! If there were frustrating points think about how you could avoid similar things in the future, for instance maybe there is a more efficient method! You will never know if there is a better way of doing things unless you start looking for one. If there happens to be one, throw out your old habit and adapt a better strategy. Do not be afraid to try new things especially if it might bring better results or optimize your work process. You will thank (me and) yourself later. 😉

Also look at the highlights of the day! What worked well? Make note so you can do it again!  🔥


➕ Shut down your computer. 🖥

Most people simply put their computers into sleep mode or let them run overnight with the monitor turned off. Putting a computer into sleep or hibernate mode does not allow it to flush its memory completely, which means that you don’t get off to a fresh start when you turn it on the next day. A full shutdown means that you can start off from the best possible state because your computer was able to clean itself with the shutdown! (We all need a break! 😂)


➕ If you need to leave your computer running, turn off the monitor and use an automatic shutdown application.

Sometimes we can’t wait for our computers to complete certain tasks, which is why we sometimes need to leave them running after hours. If you want to do so, make sure you turn off the monitor and set an automatic shutdown. Give your shutdown a little leeway in case the task takes a little longer than expected.


➕ Do a 10 minute pick up. ⏱

When you’re done for the day, do a quick power pick up! Find your favorite upbeat playlist, crank it and get busy! Place papers in folders or envelopes. Pick up bits of trash and throw them into the waste bin. Wash your coffee mug. Put things where they go so you can enjoy your living and work space and come in the next day without extra clutter in your work and/or living areas!


➕Pat yourself on the back. 🙌

ALWAYS take a minute to give yourself a little "hell yeah gorgoeus!"  Seriously! Why not pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for finishing everything? You slayed your day, (and if you're following these tips even got everything picked up and back in it's place for a fresh start tomorrow)! And most importantly -- you SURVIVED! You deserve to clap for your damn self! 👏


This kind of self-encouragement is great for your self-confidence as well as your overall well-being. End your day the same way you started it – in a good mood.🔥


So once you've ended the work day, you can still find ways to work smarter not harder to get the most out of your LIFE! 🙌 (Because that's what we all do this #hustle thing for right?! 💁🏻)


➕ Unwind after work! 💅🏻

Everyone needs to have an outlet!

Chose a form of self care or a hobby! Bonus points if your hobby produces some form of product, whether physical or digital, you could also sell it for income.💰


➕ Get out of bed before the rest of the world. (Yep, even on the weekends!)☀️

Setting your alarm clock at least an hour gives you the most amazing jump start on the day! If you haven't yet-- read the Miracle Morning!


➕ Clean out your makeup stash.💄

Seriously. That stuff expires girl.


➕ Wash your makeup brushes.

Again, seriously.🤢


➕ Make time to exercise.💪🏼

Regular exercise not only keeps your body fir but your mind sharp as well. You already spend too many hours of your life sitting on a chair. Break this routine on the weekends and start getting up more. No need to build your body here. Just spend one to hours a day getting your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Exercising on the weekend also helps break the monotony of work and helps get rid of the Monday blues when it is time to work again.


➕ Get some well-deserved R & R.🛋

There is a reason why they say “work hard, play harder.” After a rough week at work, you (like your computer) need some real down time. Find time to do something you want like watching the football game or firing up the barbecue. Anything that helps clear your mind for the week ahead is a great thing to do. The main point here is to relax and free yourself from stress and you are going to need it. So start the bath, grab a bottle of rosè, throw on a face mask, and enjoy!


➕ Get enough sleep.😴

Lack of sleep will most surely decrease your attention span and your ability to concentrate. So much for getting that to do list done then. So instead of being up all night, do not go past your bed time. It is a bit jr high but it does help in bringing your brain to work mode the following day. This way, you are not a slave to the coffee machine anymore. Keep your mind fresh and up to the task and you will feel better and it'll show in your work and results!


Which of these tips do you currently do? 🤷🏻‍♀️Which do you need to start implementing? 💁🏻💖

Work Smarter, Not Harder // Work Day Hacks

 Hey girl hey! 💖

Its officially Monday which means back to the grind + another post in my Work Smarter, Not Harder series!  

Last week I shared tips to start your day off right, today I'm sharing what to do during the day to be more intentional and maximize your results! 


➕ Check your inboxes regularly, not frequently. 📥

There’s a difference in checking your inbox at set intervals and checking your inboxes whenever you get the chance. Checking your inboxes, whether e-mail or phone, involves little time and few actions, but the distraction can be enough to lower your potential. [This is especially true if you are dealing with a case of FOMO making you the type who checks inboxes almost obsessively.]

➕ Focus!👓

You might say “Well, duh” or something similar. However, we all need a reminder sometimes.

Concentration is both a talent and a skill. Some people can focus on tasks easily – they’re usually the more productive ones – and some are not quite as good. However, you can train yourself to keep your cognitive and processing resources on the tasks at hand. It takes practice and, semi-ironically, concentration to build up your powers of concentration.


➕ One task at a time.👌🏻

 Just like how a computer slows down when there’s too much going on, your brain is not as efficient when there are several tasks to handle at any given time. Worse, you are more likely to commit errors than a computer is, especially when you attempt to multi-task. The bottom line: One task at a time.


➕ Learn and use shortcut commands.📲

Using shortcut commands is a timesaver. Simple keystrokes can work like magic and improve your output by a lot. The less time you have figuring out which menu to pull down, the more time you will have to finish up. Also, take a good look at your keyboard. Chances are there are already pre-programmed buttons that launch certain applications from the get-go. Familiarize yourself with these shortcuts and you will make better use of your computer.


➕ If you're going to do it, do it right.💯

Take your time, and do your best. Also, you should regularly check and double-check your work as you go through it, not just at the end. Every mistake can mean that you will need to redo a section, or at worst, the whole thing. Productivity is as much about ensuring the quality of each output as it is about completing as many items as possible.


➕ Know your super power hours [the time of the day where you are at peak performance]!⏰

Just like TV has prime time, there is also a certain time frame where you are at your best. You can concentrate the most, able to work faster and more efficiently and produce better results during these hours. Do yourself a favor and make the most out of your prime time and really work into overdrive. The most difficult tasks of the day should be done when you are at your best. Anything that requires less attention should be moved to other times of the day.


➕ Take notes.📝

Whatever it is that you do, don’t forget to take notes of important things. For example, if you come across some possibly important bit of information, make a quick note regarding its location and content. That way, you can put it out of your mind until the time you need it. Keeping your mind as free of clutter as possible makes it more efficient; the same principle applies to relegating reminders to your smartphone rather than your internal active memory. You might find that this technique also reduces the number and intensity of headaches!


➕ Clear your mind as needed.📿

 Simply pausing your thoughts and taking deep breaths for a few seconds is enough to lower your blood pressure and clear your mind of clutter.  If you find yourself getting confused or having a headache, pause somewhere you can easily pick up, and take a few moments to re-center yourself.


➕ Get up and stretch regularly.💃🏻

You might think that getting up keeps one away from work and distracts from the task at hand, but think again. When you get up and stretch, you relieve stress on your body and mind. With fewer distress signals to bother it, your brain can become more efficient than it could have if you just slogged through the aches. The trick is to pause your work in a way that you will find it easy to resume from. If your work was a set of math problems, then you should pause after completing a problem, not while in the middle of one.


➕ Close all programs and browser tabs or windows that don’t have something to do with work.🙅🏻

Focus, eliminate distractions, and get shit done, son.


➕ Bookmark useful sites.📲

Keeping bookmarks for useful websites can be a big help. For example, if you find a great reference site, keep a bookmark of its homepage. That way, you can visit it again easily the next time you need to look something up. Even when you come across a site that isn’t useful at the moment bur may prove useful in the future, add a bookmark!.


➕Organize your bookmarks.📂

Aside from creating bookmarks, you should also keep them organized. Categorize them for easy lookup. File away old bookmarks that are no longer being used, or simply delete them. The idea is to make the bookmarks that you need easy to find by reducing the number of things you go through, either by deleting unused items or by grouping them for shorter sets to search through.


➕ Prioritize.💯

Sometimes, work just keep piling up until you have a full stack on your desk. Of course there is nothing more discouraging than a stack of paperwork on your desk. If it does happen, approach the problem by doing work one at a time. Prioritize work according to what is more urgent and/or important. Anything that can be put off for later should be put off for later. When you are done with everything marked “Urgent,” use your remaining time you have to tackle papers you still have left.  


➕Save regularly.💾

Not all programs have auto-save features, and those that do may not be set to save often enough. A sudden program freeze or crash can be a headache, but the detestation can be reduced by ensuring you save regularly. Manually saving about every five minutes (or setting the auto-save to that interval) is a good way to minimize data loss in case of unexpected program or system shutdown.


➕ Back up regularly.⏱

Keeping backups of your files and regularly updating those backups is one secret to productivity. It does add overhead and can be a little tedious, but you'll be glad you did in case of an emergency. Keeping multiple backups is a good idea as well. Your backups should be on a harddrive and/or online storage.


➕ Keep detailed information on backups.📝

You might know what’s currently on your active files and maybe the most recent backup, but what about the backups before that? Having lots multiple backups can make it confusing and difficult to track down the one you want, so you should maintain a readable file that details the contents and changes found in your backup files. If you have enough space, you can keep backups for years to come, and that can mean lots of duplicate files that may not necessarily be the same. Avoid wasting time on finding the right backup by keeping a summary file.


➕ Keep records and store them properly.🗄

Maintaining records of important daily information is very helpful. This does not just improve accountability and the ability to recover from loss, but it can also help you monitor performance and take appropriate actions. Remember to regularly relocate your records to some secure location, safe from the elements.


➕ Perform regular maintenance for your work computer.🖥

Not all the required maintenance work for your computer has to be handled by the IT Department. There are actually a few things that are simple enough that you can do them on your own. For instance, deleting unnecessary files are just a few simple clicks away. Defragging can help your computer de-clutter its hard drive and keep it running at optimum speeds. Do this regularly like once a week and you will have a reliable computer to work with. No need to keep calling the IT guys and stop working altogether.


➕ Assign priorities 📌

Know how to quickly review tasks and use your foresight to arrange them and assign priorities. Priority values rely on metrics like difficulty, time to deadline, required resources (including time), and if you play office politics, who it’s for. High-priority items should be worked on first, unless they rely on some as-yet unavailable resource. If a high-priority item cannot be worked on yet, turn to other high-priority items before taking care of low-priority items.


➕ Don’t procrastinate.🙅🏻

Don’t put off work that you can do now. Unless something urgent that requires immediate attention comes up, you should direct your energies to completing whatever it is that can be done at this moment. Aside from lowering your overall productivity, procrastination sets you up for dangerous crunches that could be much less taxing if you completed your tasks as they came up. 


➕ Update your agenda or schedules as needed.🖊📖

When changes occur that will have effects on schedules or your agenda, update your reminders, and if needed, communicate with the concerned parties. Do these as soon as the need arises so you don’t forget! This will help you avoid situations where you forget appointments or you don’t get what you need beforehand, which causes stress and loss of time.


Which of these are you already doing? Which do you need to work on? Tell us in the comments! 📲💖



Work Smarter Not Harder // How To Start The Day Off Right!

I'm often on my soapbox about the importance of working smarter, not harder -- but I know babes sometime still struggle to know what that means for them in their biz! 

So today I wanted to share a few ways you can start working smarter not harder right now, no matter what type of business you have! 

There are so many tips I'm excited to share with you, but to make it less overwhelming, I've decided to break them up and share them in doses that you can actually take and put into work right away! 

Starting at the beginning... 

 “Fortune favors the prepared mind” Louis Pasteur

There's nothing more powerful than being prepared!

Here are some of my favorite ways to set yourself up for success before the day even starts! 

➕ Make a list of your tasks for the day.✏️

A simple checklist of the things you need to do can be surprisingly helpful at keeping you on track. Aside from ensuring that you don’t forget to do any of the tasks, you also have a visual of what you've accomplished and how much left you have to do. It also helps set a tone, agenda, and expectations for the day! 


 ➕Check your agenda for the next few weeks.📆

It's always good to have an idea of what's coming up! (Especially if you may have upcoming deadlines that require a week or more of work!) It also helps so you can manage your time and resources properly. Remember to stay flexible, as changes can happen within those few weeks!


➕Use an app to keep track of your checklist.✅

That thing you always have in your hand-- yeah, your phone, put it to work and use it to keep track of the things that need doing for the day. Apps can also help you prepare your schedule for weeks in advance. Remember that a smartphone is only as smart as the person who is using it. 😳


➕Set up reminders for meetings and tasks.⏰

When you set up a reminder on your cellphone, you are reducing the risk that you will run late or miss appointments and tasks altogether. Setting a reminder can also take a load off of your mind and allow you to concentrate better on the task at hand. 


➕Prep needed supplies.🗃

Though arguably this can be considered part of the work that you do, for argument’s sake let us put it in this category. Having all the tools and supplies ready makes it easy to complete tasks because you won’t have to break your concentration (or spend time) going to get something.


➕Set your cellphone to silent, vibrate-only or do not disturb mode.📲

 The phone can be a black hole of temptation. Help reduce distractions by setting it to do not disturb and only checking it on work "breaks" in between completing tasks! 


➕Manage your e-mail settings.📨

Setting a filter to redirect and categorize your e-mail messages can be helpful, especially if you use one e-mail address for your work and personal life (which is not recommended, especially if it is a corporate e-mail address). This way if something pops up in the personal e-mail inbox, you can let it slide ‘til later, while something that comes into the work inbox deserves at least a  glance.


 ➕Set up your workspace.🗄

While having your own office usually means that you can usually add things that express your individuality, adding too much personality to your workspace can be distracting. How can you focus on that on the task at hand if there's distractions all around? Decorate your workspace only with things that help you stay focused on the job.


➕Eat a healthy breakfast.🍓🥞

Low energy and a bad mood in the morning are often the results of skipping the most important meal of the day. Make it a point to eat your breakfast and you will see the difference. Drop the coffee-and-donut routine and look for something healthier like some fruit pancakes. No time to prepare in the morning? Make breakfast the night before and put it in a plastic container so you can eat it on the way. 


➕Prepare everything you need the day before.🌜

In the morning rush to get to work the following morning, it is easy to forget things needed for work. It is not a big deal if you can easily replace them but what if it was your PowerPoint presentation outlining company performance to be presented to the top brass? This is a worst-case scenario the must be avoided at all costs. Do this by taking time to prepare everything you need before you go to bed. Make a list and check it twice before you doze off.


➕Check your mindset!💁🏻

 How could you finish that report when your mind is wandering? Get motivated before work! That way, when it's time to work,  you'll go straight to business without wasting precious time to motivate yourself while the clock starts ticking. This means you have more time to finish your work and get more done!

What are some ways you work smarter not harder before your day even starts? Which of these do you need to start working on?! Tell us in the comments!


And check back next week for more tips about working smarter not harder AT work! 🔥



Friday Faves

Hey girl hey! 💖

I thought it would be fun to do a little "Friday Faves" round up of all the amazingness I'm #obsessed with this week! 😍


💕 My favorite new choker (Seriously wear it like errryyyyyday!)
And I totally adore the designer that made it!


💕Time to fill my cup & clear my head by meditating! SO in love with my babe Denae's FREE meditation guide on her brand new website! Go snag it up!


💕Arctic Fox hair color (touched up my ends + it's PERFECT!)


💕This book of poetry by one of the baddest babes I know.


💕 Oils! ALL THE OILS! My babe Tina spoiled me this week with her free samples challenge-- and I'm seriously in love with them all! 😍


💕Getting to work with brands and babes I love makes my job feel like a dream come true! SO excited to get to create Gypsy Ellie's new branding and website! 😍📲

PS- Use code FSHIPPING for free shipping!


💕 #AWAKENYOURINNERGURU- whoa, girl-- you NEED this challenge in your life! Kaela keeps it raw and real and uses her starseed magic to help you awaken your inner guru! 📲


💕 Getting my life together with curious babes video series this week!


💕Working on my makeup skills by hanging out live to catch these tutorials with my fellow makeup junkie Jordan!

💕 And Friendship bracelets! Who wants one?! Email me your mailing address! 

Destress Yo' Biz, Get Back Yo' Life!

What if you had an extra hour a day starting tomorrow?

That’s 5 hours per week, or more than a half-day off. Imagine closing up shop at 11am every Friday without worrying about all the stuff that didn’t get done.

Guess what? Totally doable!

Just implement these solutions and enjoy that free time you just earned! 🙌💖

Get organized

When you aren't organized, things get lost, messages are forgotten (or never received) and balls are dropped. Not to mention all the time you spend endlessly  searching for that one thing you need and the frustration that not being organized is causing!

Create systems.

Do you find yourself reinventing the wheel every time you have to reply to an inquiry email, send out a newsletter, or upload a video to your blog? Take 5 minutes and document the steps, then next time you have to do it (or better yet, when you hand it off to a VA) you’ll be able to quickly work out what needs to happen. There will be fewer mistakes, and the work will get done faster. Take it a step further by creating automations if possible! For example, using canned responses in gmail!

Use time blocking.

Get out your calendar and start making appointments with yourself. Decide when you’ll check email and when you’ll work on client projects, then stick to the schedule. These self-imposed deadlines will not only force you to get the work done, but they’ll help keep you focused, so rather than wasting time on Facebook, you’ll be working on your business. (And when you're on Facebook for business having this time limit will help keep you on task instead of lost in the scroll!) This is also very handy when unplanned things come up! You can see the tasks on the schedule so you can effectively decide if you have time or not versus just having a todo list and guessing if you'll still have enough time to make it all happen! 

Try using my FREE weekly planning printable to help you start blocking off your schedule!  

The best part...all of these can be set up in an afternoon! It may take a little longer than you'd like at first, but the time that save you when you use them consistently is game changing. An hour a day is just the beginning, learning to work smarter not harder can save you DAYS of work in the long run-- but you have to take action. You have to put in the work first.  Then, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before you did these things to improve your business and get back part of your life! 🙌💕

Do you struggle with how to implement these solutions?

(Let me know so I can help!)

Do you have any little "hacks" you use to save time?

Share with us! 📲 💖

Thou shalt "level up"

So many babes come to me ready to take their businesses to the "next level". While that looks different for every babe, there are some things that are true across the board! 

Here are a few ways to help you change the game and take things to the #nextlevel!

Get crystal clear. 💎

If you don’t understand what your "next level" looks like you won't know what actions to take to get there.    


Make the plan.  📝

You can’t hit a target if you can’t see it.  Sure, you can take the shotgun approach and fire at random but you have a much better chance at hitting the mark if you know where you’re going and how to get there.  It's also easier to stay motivated and track progress when you have a plan you're following!


Do more than is required. 🙌

Don’t be a showoff, but don’t do just enough to get by either. Take on new challenges.  Volunteer for extra work and get it done.  You may have to stay up a little later, or wake up a little earlier   but this is your future we’re talking about!  


Push your limits. 💪🏼

Step out of your comfort zone.    "If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got."  Do more and you’ll get more.


Be educated. 📚

Read books, take classes, and sign up for educational seminars.  The time to learn is now.  Don’t wait until the need arises for you to learn a new skill or to better the skills you have.  And don't forget that "knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch" Stay educated, but don't forget to also stay excited and put your new knowledge to work! 🙌


Stop procrastinating.🚫

Do it now.  Do it now.  Get it done and put it behind you.  Don’t let any project or job overwhelm you.  Persistence leads to completion one small step at a time.  Giant steps are not necessary.  Baby steps will do, but you must take the first step. If you struggle with procrastination-- the 5 second rule can change your life! 


Stay healthy. 🥑

You can’t stay focused & motivated if you don’t feel well.  This is an everyday mission.  Get plenty of rest, eat right and exercise.  Being your best means being healthy too!

It's important to remember that the promotion doesn't happen THEN you become and start acting like a leader. Instead, you start behaving like a leader first THEN the promotion comes!

Be proud of yourself, prepare and be a leader wherever you are.💖


What does the "next level" look like and mean for you? Share with us in the comments! 📲

Gypsy Ellie Website Reveal + Babe Feature

I am SO excited to share this website launch + bad ass  #bizbabe feature with you today!

When Shelby first contacted me about working together, I knew she was a perfect fit as a client, and as a #bizbestie!

I can't even begin to tell you how much she's grown throughout the process of working together! She has truly taken not only her biz, but her LIFE to the next level! 

No need to make you wait any longer!

Here's a peek at her website + brand BEFORE & AFTER!




Name: Shelby Chibry

Email Address:gypsyellie@gmail.com



Website: http://shopgypsyellie.com

What do you do? (What's your job description / title?):BOSS BABE & CEO OF GYPSY ELLIE

What do you REALLY do?:GE is ALL about Good Vibes & Empowering Babes to be who they want to be.
We strive to fill up other babes with love and vibes.
All the while being Real, authentic, supporters of other Babes, unicorns,mermaids & everyone.
We do this by spreading Good Vibes with sparkly Jewelry & love.


How/when did you get started?: Almost a year ago, I was lost and my soul was dark and broken
I then came across creating Jewelry and then developed a passion of using my
Experience to help others overcome and be there true sparkly self all while
Spreading good vibes. My goal is to create love in this world love for self and others.
The next generation needs is to lead them on how they should treat others & themselves.
I use my Brand & product to be stepping stone to start a pathway to creating more goodvibes & love.
I want my raw & real red to help others become stronger & know they are sparkly & loved

What's your next big thing?:Raise GE up to new LEVELS 💕

What's the one thing you'd like to share with all other #girlbosses?!:Stand up for what you love & don't get caught up in the Mean girl game.
In the end if we don't allow mean girls in our universe and we treat them as a bestie
We are creating a YOU CAN SIT WITH US GIRL GANG. They can choose to not hang but
What's important is we are trying to create a powerful Girl Code.
It can be hard to do but it's Important

Celeb Crush:I Don't have one but I love anyone who is trying to use fame for good & I love anyone who is raw about struggles but overcoming them!

Fave Song / Current Jam:I HAVE SO MANY ❤️💖 But I love a good spice girl song always ❤️💖

Fave thing to do:Dance party in my living room

Spirit Emoji:🦄

Go-To lipstick color/brand:Light pink in Hella lip glossy lip paint by tarte

Favorite Outfit // Work:Yoga pants & a cute Quote T-shirt or anything that's sparkly!

Favorite Outfit // Play:My fav sundress & booties

Thing you NEVER leave the house without:A notebook & My phone. ok so two things!

Fave part of being a #girlboss:Empowering other Babes and being My own Boss

Inspired most by:All the babes slaying Goals & Dreaming Big

One thing about you that might surprise others:I'm Acutally a Mermaid-Unicorn 🦄💜👑🐚

2017 Goals:Hustle hard • collaborate with more Babes• Spread more Good Vibes• Build a Brand Empire Tribe


Are you making these mistakes?

Many of us start our business with a passion and a calling to do something "more." But, we often end up selling ourselves short and settling for our "comfortable" or "attainable" dreams. And there's nothing wrong with that, but you may really have bigger dreams of being a leader in the industry, or a top ranked earner in your network marketing company. 

One reason we may never even really give it our all because of the fear that's in the way!  And there's a rationality to that fear-- when you look around, it can seem as if some people never quite make it and others get to the top quickly. But, as frustrating this can be, it's vital to remember not to compare the beginning of your journey to someone else's middle or end! (And they are probably only sharing their "highlight reel") And it's only you standing in your way! 

The good news is: you can achieve those goals as too! If you can overcome those fears with dedication, hustle, passion.

Here's the "bad" news: it also requires PATIENCE and KILLER consistency! If something comes overnight, it's likely to go overnight too.

More good news:

(because I'm a good news kinda gal),

you can help speed up the process by making sure you're not blocking yourself from success by making any of these rookie mistakes!

Your Brand/Social Media/Website Doesn't Look Professional

Let's face it: a lot of new bizbabes out there just don't look all that professional. Yours might well be one of them and there's a good chance that you're not even aware of it. It is very hard to be completely objective about our own work! So, go and take another look at your online presence now and ask yourself honestly: is this as high quality as the very best in your niche/industry? Is it "irresistible" for your tribe? Can it hang next to others? If the answer is no, then you need to go back to the drawing board and try again!

That may mean hiring a professional. Take your time and find the right fit for you! Remember this is a business, and you're making an investment in it! Do your research, make sure you connect with the person you hire, have a clear and signed contract, and be ready to go ALL IN!

Your Brand/Online Presence and Content Are Too Generic-- and BORING!

This comes from a lack of passion and dedication. It's your job, and your privilege to create an irresistible and authentic brand! If you want your tribe to remember you, you have to be memorable! You have to STAND OUT!

For example, how many times have you seen stuff like:

How to Earn Money From Your Cell Phone
How to Loose Weight ?

These are completely bland and unoriginal and very few people will want to click on them, and NO ONE will remember them.

Think about what your tribe would find absolutely unique and so exciting that when they are scrolling past it, they have to stop and click on it! Now do that again. And again!

 You Aren't Showing Up Enough And Consistently! 

Here's a common mistake that a lot of babes make: thinking that they can post once every month and go straight to the top. It seems obvious: but if you want to become a leader and/or top earner, then you need to start acting like one and treat it like a full time job!

If you work part-time, you will get part-time results!

And you can't keep running your business like a $5k work ethic and systems expecting to get $50k returns. Learn to work smarter not harder so that you can work full time and get overtime results! 


How'd ya stack up?

Are you guilty of making these rookie mistakes?

Tell us in the comments!