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Hey girl!

So excited to be bringing you WEEK TWO of my #GETITGIRL BOOTCAMP! I hope that you found week one helpful! I would love to hear from you about your first week of Bootcamp! What were some of your goals? How do you feel now that you have a plan of action to accomplish them? And most importantly-- what are you going to do to CELEBRATE when you can mark them off your list?!

I always love setting the intentions, and backing them up with a game plan because it clears your mind, and gives you clarity so that you can truly enjoy the process, focus on what you LOVE & what feels good in your business and life! A real #girlboss knows that it's ALL about making your business work for you-- NOT the other way around! 

That's why this week's Bootcamp is all about the "L" word! I know it's almost Valentine's Day and we are all in "love" mode, BUT that's not the "L" we're talking about-- it's an even better one--LEVERAGE!

Businessdictionary.com defines leverage as "The ability to influence a system, or an environment, in a way that multiplies the outcome of one's efforts without a corresponding increase in the consumption of resources. In other words, leverage is the advantageous condition of having a relatively small amount of costyield a relatively high level of returns." 

Let's break that down into #girlboss terms! Leverage is a small invest with a high return. As a business owner, mom, wife, friend, [heck, human being in general] the MOST valuable asset we have is our TIME! Once it's gone, it's gone. And how we spend our time, makes up our lives! 

So let me ask you-- how are you spending your time? I can't count the number of times I have one of my amazing clients on a call and she's frustrated, feels like a "hot mess" and is spending her time just trying to keep up in her business. She quit her 9-5 so she could be home with her babies but she feels like she's neglecting them because she's always in her phone or laptop, posting to social media, answering emails, etc! She's always feels a little like she's missing out on LIFE and can't even imagine where she'd fine the time to really focus on the future of and GROWING her business strategically! 

So you're nodding your head because you get it, right?! You've been there, or you ARE there now! Guess what, ME TOO! We all have! But it's time to put your #girlboss panties on and change that shit! 

It's time to get real with yourself about where you're investing your time, how it feels, and what you can do to spend more time on what feels good & less on what doesn't!

This week's worksheets are to help you learn to leverage your time! For example, if you're spending a chunk of your time answering inquiry emails and they are all similar, why not set up systems like Gmail's Canned Response options where you can save email templates to quickly customize versus writing the email each time! Just imagine the time you'll save AND level up by adding some killer consistency to your brand! 

Or-- are you pulling your hair out because you HATE trying to do your own web or graphic design? Why not OUTSOURCE that to a professional that can not only save you time that you could be spending with your little ones or turning a higher profit, but also give you an edge that makes you stand out in your industry?! [[If this is one of your struggles, let's chat!]]

So this week's worksheet helps you to decide what you're going to STOP doing in your business-- and what you're going to START doing instead!

Now that's working smarter not harder! XXO!




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