Real #bossbabes know that working with intention, and the long term in sight is the key to higher profits + really living your dream lifestyle.

Let’s keep it real, if you were to ask some of the #girlbosses you admire the most what they have in the works, I’m betting many could be able to tell you nearly every promotion and product coming up for the next 12 or even 24 months! [But just because they can doesn’t mean they will! Remember, bossbabes know to keep the details top secret until it’s time!]

And guess what?! Having that long term game plan is what helps take you from working like an employee to working like a BOSS! With the right plans in place, you can FINALLY start working on getting ahead, versus always just trying to keep up!

I know what you’re thinking, “Sounds great, but it’s WAY easier said than done!”.

I get it! Creating that kind of long-term plan doesn’t come naturally for many people. But it’s essential to have not only have a vision for where you want your business to go, but you knowing what you need to create (and when),be able to break down the BIG GOALS into easy DAILY tasks so that you can work with INTENTION and at the end of the week/month/year you can check them off the list, work in some additional promos for complementary products, and still leave room for last minute offers!

SO I’ve created a guide to help you with every single detail you  need to create your EPIC 2017 Game Plan!


this guide includes--

  • Review and Celebrate the Past 12 Months
  • Exercise: Then and Now List
  • Exercise: Create a Business Diary
  • Exercise: Create a “Yay Me” File
  • Exercise: Record Your Year-End Stats
  • Understanding Your ‘Why’
  • Exercise: Understanding Your ‘Why’
  • Your Business Vision
  • Exercise: Short and Long-Term Business and Life Vision
  • Goal Setting
  • Exercise: Goal Setting for the Year
  • Breaking it Down: Your Year at a Glance
  • Exercise: Breaking Down Your Goals
  • The Big Picture: Holidays and Special Events
  • Exercise: Fill In Your Calendar with Big Picture Holidays and Events
  • Plan Your Products and Programs
  • Exercise: Take Inventory
  • Exercise: Schedule Your Promotions
  • Complementary Products to Promote
  • Exercise: Schedule Complementary Promotions
  • Your Next Six Weeks
  • Exercise: Plan Your Marketing
  • You Can’t Do it All
  • Exercise: Create Do-Able Tasks
  • Exercise: Schedule the Team
  • Keep the Momentum Going with Regular Reviews
  • Resources You Need
  • Checklist: Resources You Need
  • Accountability & Support
  • Exercise: List the Support You Need
  • How to use this planner as a daily tool!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to planning!


Sale Price $22!