15 Tips to Re-Energize Your Business + Life!

Don't get me wrong, working from home has its perks like setting your own hours, creating a life and business by design. But, it's EASY to get distracted, uninspired, or even overwhelmed by everything going on around you, or unmotivated because the lack of real in person interaction! 


Trust me-- I have been there! I finally decided that it had to change and took back control so that I can stay focused, excited, & inspired every day!  

So today I'm sharing 15 of my favorite tips to re-energize your business, and your life! 🔥


1. Always be learning and growing. 

Always have a book on the go! Use an app like audible during your breaks or drive time! Reading is a vital component to self-development, which you should be making time for on a regular basis. This is to nutrient your personal development AND your professional development. Just 15 minutes of reading a day can be a total game changer!



2. Schedule your time for "office hours" and don’t let it impose on your personal time.

Don’t let all the “to dos” get in the way of your personal life. Working from home can end up with working all the time--which sort of defeats the purpose of being self-employed. Make a schedule for business tasks and work within that schedule.  There can be the occasional exceptions of course, but when you find that you’re not sticking to the flexible schedule that you had created, you either need to re-think your time or be more disciplined in your approach to working time.



3. You're not a jar of Nutella, you can't please everyone.

Be clear on what your motives and intentions are and don’t let someone else’ssway you. This relates to people in your personal life and in your business. From clients/customers that want more time from you or quicker responses, or a spouse that feels your business is taking up too much time or doesn’t understand your passion -- don’t let the opinions of others change your business process when you know that’s what you want. Be careful to not be completely close-minded either. Hear people out and consider their opinion, then stand by what you feel is right.



4. Share your work schedule with your family, and communicate your "office hours" with your customers / clients!

Posting a print out of your weekly schedule on the fridge, office door or other visible area will let your family members know when you have planned to work and even what kind of work you’ll be doing. This helps to avoid someone in your house planning something that requires or requests your involvement during your work hours and allows you to share a bit of your business life with your family. 

Share your "business hours" on your website, Facebook page, etc!



5. Have #Bizbesties. 

Have one or two people that you can regularly talk to about what’s happening with your business. Especially when you’re first starting out, it can be discouraging to feel like you don’t have anyone to share the achievements and the frustrations with. Even though you can connect with many other people online in the same situation as you (which you should do) it’s much more effective to get to connect and share with someone you already have an established relationship with.



6. Take at least a 15 minute break every 2 hours of work.

When you’re mainly focusing on your computer screen, you can get fatigued much more quickly than if you are moving around. After sitting at your computer for 2 hours, get up and get a drink, have a stretch, take a walk, anything that gets you on your feet and not staring at a screen. You’ll find yourself more focused and refreshed after a short break.



7. Get out of the house!

If you’re working a home-based business then take breaks where to do run errands or leave the house for an hour or two to for lunch with a friend or you time. Shifting your focus and creating a day that is filled with a variety of activities provides a greater feeling of satisfaction with your day, as you’ve been able to give attention to several areas and get a "break" from the routine.



8. Do something to make you better.

If you haven’t made the time in any other part of your day to devote to your personal growth through reading then take a reading break. Find yourself a comfortable spot to chill, go outside if possible or just move yourself to a different spot than where you were working. It’s good to get a change of scenery and fit in the always important element of learning.



9. Make sure your "breaks" are really "breaks".

The most effective kind of break to take is a break that has you giving attention to some other areas of your life. Using your time wisely in this way will create a more productive life and not just center on a more productive work life. It is important to keep in mind that making your work break a short and sweet time to see family (or sneak away for a little "retail therapy") can be a key to creating a balanced life that will have a massive impact on your overall productivity!



10. Eat right.

Eating right is essential on so many levels! You are so much more motivated and productive if you’re feeding your body the right kind of fuel. Get educated on what the best diet is for you and eat a variety of foods that are providing your body with the appropriate nutrients that it needs to function at It's best.  



11. Shake yo' booty.

It's important to make sure you MOVE! Physical activity is so essential to prioritize when working from home! To really help clear your mind, burn some calories, and get your blood pumping, crank your favorite playlist and twerkkkkkkk it! Not only will you have more energy for the day, you'll also think more clearly, work more quickly, burn some calories AND be working on those #bootygoals all at the same time!



12. Celebrate your inner goddess.

You are a spiritual being that needs to regularly nourish that aspect of yourself. If you don’t feel drawn to an organized faith or religion, just be connected to the spiritual nourishment of nature. There is more to life than just what you see and think about and take time every day to become aware of your inner spirit through mediation, communing with nature, or learning about various spiritual aspects of humanity.



13. Hang out, IRL.

Get connected face-to-face with people in all aspects of your life-- family, friends, business associates or casual acquaintances.  You never know what may come of a conversation where you are truly in the moment and making the most of your time with someone.



14. Schedule your priorities first.

It's so important to spend quality time with the people you love. If you find you’re not connecting with those special people in your life on an intimate level then schedule in a weekly ‘date’ where you spend time with one another and get a chance to be totally present together.



15. Be the type of babe that makes others wanna step up their game.

Knowing that your tribe needs you to inspire and encourage them creates a greater sense of ownership in all you are creating in your business and life. It makes it that much more important to "lead from the front!"


Stay lit by serving your tribe daily, not only on your own platforms -- but also in community based Facebook groups, etc!

When you are constantly inspiring others you will be creating habits, connections, and karma that will manifest in ways that help you live your dream life!


And most importantly-- don't forget to step into your greatness and actually LIVE your dream life!


Surround yourself with empowering affirmations and people! Avoid negative voices and mediocre minds. 

You've got this! Keep going!

Remember, you don’t need to have everything figured out.


Learn as you go and be open to change! Work on training your mind to think and execute plans like the badass entrepreneur you are!


Don't forget to take risks and try new things! Epic things never happen in comfort zones!


If you focus the right attention and determination, and can roll with the punches you will be unstoppable! 


What are some of your favorite ways to stay energized in your business when you work from home?

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