10 Tips To Look AMAZING -- Even Without Makeup!

Summer is just around the corner & we will all be headed to the beach for vacay, or out and about enjoying the summer sun!

Here's a few of my fave tips to having radiant skin so you can confidently head out the door --without worrying about putting on your makeup!


1.  Stay Hydrated! Drink lots of water! [Drink one ounce daily for every pound of body weight!] Try these fruit infused recipes to keep it fresh & fun!       

*bonus: blackberries, mint, & cucumber are best for the most radiant skin!


2.  Get plenty of sleep! Your body needs at least 8 hours of “beauty sleep”! While you're sleeping your skin is busy generating new skin cells and collagen as well as increases blood flow so you awake with a healthy glow!


3. Exercise! Research shows being active increases blood flow and being active means you're more likely to sweat out what clogging your pores! A good workout also gets your heart pumping and increases oxygen in your blood which helps to distribute even more nutrients needed for healthy, glowing skin! <<If you need help figuring out where to start, or staying motivated join my babe Tanya's Challenge Group!>>


4.  Pamper yourself with a weekly facial!


5.  Eat clean! We all know what we eat can effect how we feel but it also effects our skin! [[Check out this article from Teen Vogue for more info!]]


6.  Speaking of clean… Be sure to disinfect your cell phone, change your pillowcases and wash your make up brushes weekly!


7.  Wash your face two times a day! [[ & if you really want gorgeous skin use a skincare line like a Arbonne’s RE9! ]]


8.  Never sleep in your make up!


9. Protect yourself! Wear a moisturizer with SPF!


10. Take some “you” time! Stress takes a toll on our bodies in so many ways! Stay looking radiant with some stress free “ME” time!

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