I DO IT FOR THE BABES // #WCW TAYLOR MANNING // taylormanningcreative.com

This week's #WCW is the gorgeous Taylor Manning of taylormanningcreative.com! Taylor and I first connected on a FB group and she was also kind enough to invite me to speak with her on her weekly blab! I adore her and everything she's doing! She's making some huge progress and big waves in our industry and I adore her tenacity & grind! I'm so thrilled to share a little more about her with you this week!

Name: Taylor Manning

Email Address: taylor@taylormanningcreative.com

Facebook: facebook.com/taylormanningcreative

Instagram Username: taylormcreative

Website: taylormanningcreative.com

What do you do? (What's your job description / title?): Marketing Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs

What do you REALLY do?: I help women take their offline expertise and turn it into a thriving online business. I have two main sides of my business: my four month 1:1 coaching program for women looking to really get their marketing in place and see results in their online business and I do Facebook Ad management and testing.

How/when did you get started?: I got started in the online space a few years ago working as freelancer on UpWork.com. I was in college and ready to do anything to make some good money! I was majoring in Advertising so social media, writing and designing was really exciting for me to do for clients. My very first gig was putting pre-written tweets in HootSuite for 10 hours a week for $7 an hour. HA! Then I dabbled and explored writing, creating strategy, doing paid advertising, project management, web design, print design, social media, email marketing and the list goes on. Finally I cam across this Facebook group of women entrepreneurs. It was pretty much love at first sight. I felt so empowered, so excited and that I finally had the chance to make a real difference in other's lives on so many levels versus just working at an agency doing work for big corporations.

What's your next big thing?: I'm working on creating an amazing, highly engaged and HUGE Facebook group of women entrepreneurs - the Creative Corner.

What's the one thing you'd like to share with all other #girlbosses?!: Stop waiting and just do what your heart is dying to do. I see so many women waiting for everything to be perfect before they put themselves out there. Here's the thing YOU are already perfect and you are your business. Share what you love with open arms and the money, clients and thriving business will follow.

Celeb Crush: I have a major girl crush right now on Ashley Graham.

Fave Song / Current Jam: OMG - Work From Home by Fifth Harmony

Fave thing to do: Dance around the house, cuddle with my boyfriend and coach my 1:1 clients

Spirit Emoji: 💃

Go-To lipstick color/brand: No lipstick for me!

Favorite Outfit // Work: Leggings are life

Favorite Outfit // Play: See above.

Thing you NEVER leave the house without: My phone

Fave part of being a #girlboss: I love making an impact and being able to mix with my business with my style!

Inspired most by: Myself!

One thing about you that might surprise others: I NEVER wanted to own my own business - in fact, I despised the idea after growing up with my dad having a small, "family" business.

2016 Goals: six figures! 3-4,000 in my Facebook group! Get healthy and even more confident!

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