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This week's #wcw is such a doll! Brittany & I have been connecting and collaborating in a few of my favorite Facebook Groups recently and I'm SO EXCITED to introduce her to you today! I will be featuring her as guest blogger on the blog TOMORROW! You're going to adore her and absolutely LOVE what she's sharing with you tomorrow!


Name: Brittany J.

Email Address: heyitsbrittanyj@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/heyitsbrittanyj

Instagram Username: heyitsbrittanyj

Website: heyitsbrittanyj.wix.com/home

What do you do? (What's your job description / title?): I love to call myself a Modern Day PrinLife Coach, Blogger, Youtuber, Speaker

What do you REALLY do?: I brand myself as two things-- a modern day story teller and princess.

I believe in the power of story telling and I do so through being a public speaker, event host, blogger, author, and YouTuber. Using those platforms, I push propaganda promoting self love, self care, and empowerment. I believe life should be as magical as your favorite fairytale, and I help people not only utilize the power of visualization and dreaming, but I assist them in manifesting those dreams while remaining authentic to their true selves.

I also run a beauty empowerment non profit titled 'Rebel. by Brittany J.', and aid in the St. Petersburg, Florida documentary crew 'Faces of St. Pete' as the Director of Photography.

How/when did you get started?: I started out around a year ago (March 2015) knowing I wanted to run a blog and join YouTube. I was in a very dark part of my life, so I didn't really use the blog as I should have. I posted twice and forgot about it until the summer months when I started developing my hair care business. Through my haircare business I realized my calling as an entrepreneur and I found the entrepreneurial side of the internet. I started running with the various ideas in mind with the ultimate desire to own my own business and be my own person. I quit my job and took a break to chase this dream, and i've never been happier in my life. I now am building my brands, my businesses, and my future empire.

What's your next big thing?: 'Successfully Unsuccessful' is my first book coming out 10/4/16! It showcases the failures i've made and the successes and lessons i've gained from those failures.

What's the one thing you'd like to share with all other #girlbosses?!: Authenticity is key.

Remaining true to yourself is a very powerful tool when being a #girlboss. Never be afraid to stand out from the others by using the traits that make you personally unique. You (not anyone else) should always shine through in your business and brand. As long as you do success will follow. It's good to have people who are business inspirations, but know when to look away and say "That's them, but this is me and I don't have to be them to be successful." Remain authentic and unique. Who said standing out was a bad thing?

Celeb Crush: My current crushes are Ian Somerhalder, Michael B. Jordan, Charles Michael Davis. Paul Wesley. Really any of the vamps in The Vampire Diaries!

Fave Song / Current Jam: Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande and Welcome to Hollywood by Beyonce feat Jay Z have my heart right now.

Fave thing to do: Anything to do with Disney World. At the moment it's Disney Resort Hopping and Disney photography.

Spirit Emoji: 👑 & ✨ My whole thing is being a #ModernDayPrincess so it fits!

Go-To lipstick color/brand: Depends on the season! Spring/Summer I stick to pinks but Fall/Winter I love a good burgundy and plum. Milani and Kat Von D are my favorite brands.

Favorite Outfit // Work: I stick with my brand colors, so typically black slacks, a white blouse, and my pink blazer paired with a pointy toed heel. When I say I can do anything in heels, I mean ANYTHING.

Favorite Outfit // Play: My leopard print romper with dusty pink and gold accessories paired with my Doc Marten heeled boots!

Thing you NEVER leave the house without: My notebook, a pen, and my phone. Those are my essentials.

Fave part of being a #girlboss: I love having complete control over all aspects my life and career.

Inspired most by: Tracee Ellis Ross, Nicki Minaj, Walt Disney, Beyonce, Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfield, and Audrey Hepburn are all people I look up to for various reasonsl

One thing about you that might surprise others: I love cartoons. Specifically I love Cartoon Network. Animation is such an amazing medium and if I could draw it'd be my career field of choice! I also love how Cartoon Network as a whole is progressing towards a better future and that they seem aware of what themes they are teaching children. I would actually love to be a guest voice actor one day on 'Teen Titans Go!'.

2016 Goals: I really want to continue to establish my brand. This year is all about foundation and visibility.

Want to shout out anyone in your #girlgang?! I would love to shoutout Nicolette Ann for her work in her business Bossbabe Business and her non profit against child abuse, the No Longer Silenced Movement. As someone recovering from an eating disorder, I love that her health and fitness regime is all about personal goals and feeling your best versus numbers on a scale. That small difference means the world to me. Also as an emotional abuse survivor, her non profit hits close to home. Her website is bossbabefitness.com.


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