5 Crystals For Your Highest Self

This week in 👑Launch Your Empire👑 we are focusing in on tapping into your highest self!

One of my favorite ways to access my highest self vibration is with crystals!

Here are some of my favorite Highest Self crystals and why!


💎Amazonite  //

•lessens self defeating behaviors and build self esteem.

•Helps you to understand yourself, embrace your inner truth and express it effectively

(even in difficult situations)

• promotes self expression through creativity- can help in areas like writing, drawing, painting, speaking, singing and acting.


💎Aquamarine //

•encourages self love and inner peace by helping to realize your inner truth and release self defeating beliefs.

•clears the mind, help you understand underlying emotional states and how you feel so you are empowered to take responsibility for yourself

•clears blocked communication and encourages self expression.


💎Aventurine //

• boosts self assurance, courage, inner strength, and inner harmony by releasing old patterns so new growth can take place.


💎Bloodstone //

•removes self doubt and nourishes feelings of self worth, self confidence and self sufficiency by calming the emotions, clearing confusion and enhancing decision making.

•helps to be aware when it is best to withdraw from situations, when to be flexible and which actions will help you remain true to yourself and your path.


💎Citrine //

• stone of self esteem, self confidence, self expression and individuality.

• inspires emotional clarity, relieves self doubt

• helps eliminate the fear of being judged or criticized by others.

Okay- I couldn't stop at just 5! Here are more of my fave crystals for tapping into my highest self!

💎Howlite //

• stone of awareness and helps to decrease an overly critical state of mind,

•helps you to be comfortable as your true self without the need to pretend to be anything else,

• encourages self expression.


💎Labradorite //

• used for self discovery, awakening inner awareness, intuition and spirit.

• encourages contemplation, introspection and clarity,

• helps to release fear-based insecurities.

• strengthens faith in and reliance on yourself and the universe, bringing inner peace.

This stone is said to urge you to take hold of your freedom.


💎Lepidolite  //

•has a quite unusual vibration that encourages divine connection with the deep innermost part of yourself

• helps you to recognize the divinity within your own self, helping you to feel a spiritual sense of love, acceptance and trust for yourself and others.


💎Malachite //

•stone of transformation and spiritual growth it has been referred to as “a mirror to the soul”

• encourages expression of feelings and self confidence.


💎Rose Quartz //

•crystal of unconditional love,

• teaches the true essence of love, purifies and opens the heart at all levels,

• brings deep inner healing and self love.

•reawakens the heart to its own innate love and provides a deep sense of fulfillment and contentment, allowing you the capacity to truly give and receive love.

• inspires the love of beauty in yourself, others, and the interconnectedness of the universe,

•helps you to nurture yourself and learn to trust, value, and forgive yourself.


Only after learning to love yourself is it possible to truly love others.💓


[For those who have never been nurtured or received the type of love that is vital for the development of security and a positive self image, Rose Quartz can help heal those internal wounds and open the heart to the infinite source of love that comes from within the self. ]



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