Brand with Benefits

Every business owner knows that it’s important to have a brand and if you’ve been around the entrepreneurial world for more than a day or two I’m sure you’ve heard the famous Jeff Bezos quote “your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”

But what happens when no one saying anything about your brand or business?

If you’re familiar with me and my biz at all, you know that I not only agree with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos but I also like to add “so let’s give them something to talk about” to the end of that famous quote!


It’s one thing to have branding, it’s another to actually build a successful brand— one that fits into your tribes lifestyle & gives them something to talk about... a brand with benefits.

You know those nights when you throw on your favorite outfit, go spend some time out and about with your best babes, come home a little tipsy and feeling like your cutest self and before ya know it you’re answering (or even sending) one of those “are you up” texts to your go-to friend... you know, that friend “with benefits”.

In a similar way, you want your brand to be the first thing your tribe thinks of when they want your type of product or service—

You want to create a brand with benefits!

Having a strong brand means creating more than just a brand.. but one that creates an experience for your tribe AND benefits you as well!

Creating a brand with benefits grows your biz by:

+ becoming the “go too”, aka securing a market position. Your tribe will begin to associate your brand with benefits and experience you create. This gives your business an important edge over competitors. When your tribe needs a solution, you’ll be what they immediately think of!

Which leads to the next benefit...

+ creating loyalty. A strong brand that creates a spoils their tribe with brand benefits keeps them coming back for more!

AND If they love the products or services they get from you, they will be more likely to buy more of similar products or services instead of shopping somewhere else.

They get to skip the awkward “getting to know” stages and avoid the “taking a risk” because they know exactly what they are getting!

Which goes into the next benefit...

+ working smarter not harder! Why should your tribe waste their time trying other brands? Not only are you helping them shop smarter not harder by providing quality consistent brand experience, but a brand with benefits also helps you work smarter not harder!💪🏼🔥

Here’s how—

+ an effective brand can be leveraged across all platforms! Branding is one powerful way to build trust and consistency.

For example: The brand logo and tagline can be used as a Facebook and Google+ header. It can be the Twitter logo and a watermark on Instagram pictures. This also reinforces the recognition of the brand. People then are more likely to 'like' on Facebook, follow on Twitter and repost on Instagram.

Speaking of recognition...

Branding allows your tribe to recognize a business instantly. The benefits of this for any business are enormous. People are more willing to buy because of recognition alone. So for customers who buy on impulse, just the fact that they recognize the brand can be enough to make them part with their money. When it comes to promoting products or services, the brand can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

A brand with benefits also helps you work smarter not harder by standing the test of time. Marketing trends (just like fuckboys) come and go. Branding stays, it is a constant in the world of algorithm changes, marketing “tactics”, and feeling “ghosted.” This means that the time and resources you invest in developing your brand are a great long-term investment with a higher ROI than fly by night strategies.

And that helps you reduce long-term costs! (Keeping your #s low!) Although time and resources are needed to create a strong brand, if it’s authentic, it is easy to grow and evolve with you and your tribe. In fact, less money can be spent on advertising because the brand speaks for itself.

So as you can see.. there’s just that something special about a mutually beneficial brand!

>> What benefits does your brand create for your tribe?

>> What do you leave them saying about your biz when you’re not in the room? Is it all the juicy details of their last interaction with you?

>> Or is your brand not even thought of or mentioned at all?🤷🏻‍♀️👀

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