Are You Making These Three Common Branding Mistakes?

Creating a consistent killer brand for an online business is a highly effective way to attract more customers/clients,  increase your brand awareness, and take your visibility to new heights. Having abrand that is "irresistible" to your tribe will open you up to many more opportunities, for you and your business!

But creating a killer brand isn't easy and that's why many #bizbabes have struggled to truly nail that strong presence & identity that they need.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that you could be making when it comes to your branding!

➕Lack of Consistency

This applies both to your visual consistency visually across various platforms and your consistency in your vibe, content and service that you create and deliver!

The goal of a killer consistent brand is that it should strategically represent a certain "stamp of quality" and certain expectations! Your tribe should know that something with your logo on it will be something that they will love.

So if your content and social media presence is all over the board, people don't know what to expect. Likewise, if you put out a brilliant product one month and the next thing you release is garbage, people won't be able to trust you in future. Stay consistent and stay true to your vision, passions, & purpose.


➕Not being picky enough!

Aesthetics are an important aspect of your branding and if you don't have a strong logo and strong branding visuals through your social media and website, then your brand isn't going to be memorable to your tribe. If your logo is a grainy image that looks like something your younger cousin made, think about the impression that makes? Are you being picky? (Because your tribe and potentials are!)


➕Missed Opportunities

Every point of contact--business card, social media account, invoice and email--is a chance to strengthen your brand. Make sure you include your logo and website link everywhere and don't miss an opportunity to show it off.


➕Lack of Self Awareness


When creating your branding, you are creating the way that your tribe is going to see you. To do this effectively though, you need to be objective and realistic. Keep it authentic! If you're a one-babe-band tinkering in your free time, then don't try and brand yourself as a global corporate enterprise. It will feel in-authentic and your brand will be untrustworthy and will fail as a result!


Don't let these mistakes hold you back anymore!

Take some time today to set up some systems that solve these potential pitfalls!

For example, add a custom signature to your emails that includes your logo, website, & social media links!

Create a social media post template that includes your logo and website info!

Be intentional about what you want your tribe to think of when they hear/see your brand! Then use those words as a "check point" to make sure what you're sharing is aligned with those words!


How are you rocking consistency in your brand?



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