Five Facebook Groups You Need In Your Life ASAP!

Do you love connecting with other badass babes like yourself? Do you sometimes wish you were a part of a community of other gals that just "get it"? Does the idea of having a close knit clique that always has your back and inspires and motivates you sound like a dream come true?

Facebook groups have become the trendy "cliques" we all love to hang out in online these days! It's no surprise that groups haven taken off in popularity! There's nothing quite like a having a space we feel safe and supported to connect and share with like-minded babes!

Here are 5 Facebook groups that all the cool kids are hanging out in!

(Hint hint: and you should be too!)

1. Bossbabe Academy

This group is a part of a paid membership that includes access to the group along with many trainings from the original #bossbabe herself!

I love all of the resources included in this membership but I especially love the group of badass bossbabes in the group! It's a community of women who are there to support one another in their bossbabe journey! <<Way worth every dime!>>

To join, sign up at & request access here!


2. #Trendsetters

Okay, I'm obviously a little biased but this group is seriously AH-MAZZ-ING! [[& I talk all about it here.]]

You can apply to join us here &After that you request access here!


3. Tanya's Fierce Girls -Fit Club

This group is nothing short of epic! It's a free monthly challenge including daily workout challenges focusing on everything from squats to abs! It's an awesome community of motivation & inspiration and one kick ass fearless leader that will keep you excited and engaged!

To join just pop you email in here then you can request access here!


4. Savvy Business Owners

This group is a direct connection to a huge network of other savvy business owners! It's a beautiful informative, and supportive community!

To join, (you must be a business owner) visit

& request here!


5.  The Positive Millennial-

One of my favorite local bloggers, Amanda Cross of TheHappyArkansan.Com has created a cozy little community of positivity! She offers daily prompts and themes as well as fun little snail mail exchanges!

To join, request access here!

I'm an active member on each of these groups and am honored to be a part of each gang! I do not know what my day would be like without them! I'd love to see you join in and become a part of these groups! What are some of your favorite FB groups you couldn't live without?!


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