The 3 Secrets To Getting The Email! // AND BONUS $20 MARKETING HACK!

If you're familiar with me, or this blog-- you know I talk a lot about the value of the email list!

The email address is the holy grain of internet marketing.


Once you have someone's email, they are many, many more times more likely to buy than a one-time visitor. [[Don't just take my word for it-- read this!]] Unfortunately, visitors today are much more reluctant to hand out their address. People simply get far too many emails in this day and age to want to sign up for another email list.

So how do you get someone to trust you enough to give you their email?

They need to know these three essential things:


>> What Do I Have to Gain?

This is the most important question of all: "What do I have to gain?" If someone would gain a 50% increase in income by being on your email list, no matter how many emails they're getting today they're probably going to sign up for your list. On the other hand, if you're offering lessons on basket weaving and they have no interest in basket weaving, it doesn't matter how good your marketing is: they're not going to sign up. The trick to using this principle effectively is having a great offer. Make sure they know that the moment they sign up, they'll get something valuable that'll help them in their life, immediately! The more bang for the buck, the better. You want them to be so impressed at the quality of your freebies that they know working with you would give even MORE great value!

>> Who Are You and Why Should I Listen?

With so many people claiming to be "experts" on so many different subjects, it's hard for people on the web to know who to trust. Why should they believe that you know what you're talking about? What sets you apart from other people; and why should they sign up for your list rather than someone else's? Be sure to connect and stand out by sharing your experiences, qualifications, personality and most importantly results. What have you done in the past that would impress your potential customers? Don't be shy about sharing that.

>> What Will You Do with My Email?

Once you have their email, what will you do with it? Will you add it to a bunch of spam lists and sell it to other marketers? Will you email them every day with sales offers? Or will you give them high-value content, once or twice a week? When it comes down to it, users just want to know that they're going to have a positive experience as a result of being on your list. You don't need to give them a detailed business plan about what you're going to use their email for; however, many marketers have found that just one or two lines telling users they won't be spammed and that they'll only be emailed content once a week actually increases conversion significantly.

If you can knock these three objections out, your tribe will be excited to give you their email address + your list will grow!

And don't be afraid to get creative and have a little fun!  

Having fun + knowing your tribe can be a HUGE bonus to help you grow that list! 

Are you growing your email list?! What ways are you getting your tribe to sign up? Are you using these 3 tips? Tell us in the comments!