#WCW-- WOMEN CRUSHIN' IT WEDNESDAY // I DO IT FOR THE BABES // Heather Jabornik of HiyaTootsie.Com



This week's #WCW is a freaking FIRECRACKER!

 I first starting crushin' on her last year when I came across her website and a killer mantra audio she offered! (I still listen to it almost daily & rave about her to my clients as an example of adding killer value in the most valuable ways!) You should TOTALLY snag it up here!

Now Heather is making BIG inspiring moves by sharing her soul on her blog, inspiring and encouraging others, and being one of the ultimate examples of drive and passion coming together while chasing her dreams! She has launched her own deliciously sweet perfume line, Candy Ass!

And right now she's got a running shot at winning a FedEx grant! Seriously, go vote for her HERE!

 I'm so excited to be able to introduce you to her if you don't know her already & here's a few things about herself she was willing to share with y'all on the blog today! 


Name: Heather Jabornik

Nickname: Tootsie

Email Address: heather@hiyatootsie.com

Facebook: facebook.com/xohiyatootsie

Instagram Username: xohiyatootsie

Website: www.hiyatootsie.com

What do you do? (What's your job description / title?): Founder and Lead Writer of Hiya Tootsie! and Creator of Candy Ass perfume

What do you REALLY do?: I'm a writer for badass dream chasing broads and I curate scents to empower and remind women that they have EXACTLY what it takes to see their dreams through.

How/when did you get started?: I left a previous career working to help women recover from the sex industry and launched Hiya Tootsie! on January 1, 2015. It was a line in the sand for me to chase down my own dreams, create a career and life I love, be the creative that I am, and lead the way for other dream chasers.

What's your next big thing?: I want to see Candy Ass in Sephora.

What's the one thing you'd like to share with all other #girlbosses?!: You have what it takes. Be gentle with yourself.

Celeb Crush: David Beckham's hair

Fave Song / Current Jam: Current Jams: Fire N Gold by Bea Miller, Roll Up Your Sleeves by Meg Mac, Creator by Santigold, and Rise Up by Andra Day

Fave thing to do: Write. Dream big and plan for the future. Eat ice cream. Stare at my man's stupidly beautiful face.

Spirit Emoji: The candy! 🍬 I have a peppermint tattooed on my ass.

Go-To lipstick color/brand: Fuchsia Fusion by Revlon

Favorite Outfit // Work: Underwear

Favorite Outfit // Play: Skinny black pleather pants, t shirt, black biker booties, big hair

Thing you NEVER leave the house without: Chapstick

Fave part of being a #girlboss: Calling ALL the shots, working in my underwear, unlimited creativity

Inspired most by: Tom Waits

One thing about you that might surprise others: I'm waiting until marriage to have sex for the first time (I turn 33 on June 5th!)

2016 Goals: Candy Ass 2.0! I want to release my two sister fragrances, Kiss My Candy Ass and Red Hot Candy Ass, and have my packaging ready and on point to rub shoulders with the big guns. I also want to grab my first wholesale clients and see Candy Ass in boutiques in LA and Hollywood, send it to some of my favorite YouTubers and bloggers for review, win a grant, create some new scents to release in 2017, and watch Candy Ass SOAR, baby!


Isn't she the bomb dot com?


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