How To Attract + Grow Your Dream Team (or Clients) on Social Media

So you've got this business--but you're struggling to grow your team, or have a steady flow of clients/customers...

This is something babes come to me often to help them with! They've heard of attraction marketing, and their uplines or peers talk about growing their team + tribe on social media.. but they just aren't exactly sure HOW! 

Don't stress boo! I gotcha! Let's chat about

How To Attract  + Grow Your Dream Team (or Clients) on Social Media

1. Be engaging –

Believe it or not, you have the power to engage someone using nothing more than your words. Whatever you post, make sure it pulls the reader in and makes them want more of the same. Start by posting different types of posts and see how many responses you receive. Facebook is a great way to run market tests.

2. Be authentic –

Whatever you do, be authentic. When you are not being real, even if it is just through your words, people will sense your inauthentic come through the page.

3. Be vulnerable –

Other people enjoy when you are brave enough to be vulnerable. Share your frustrations, your successes, your fears. This will be relatable with just about everyone following you on social media! Speaking of which...

4. Be relatable –

Make sure what you are posting or writing about is something that everyone can relate to, especially those in your target audience. When others can relate to your content, they will more than likely come back again in the future looking forward to more engaging content.

5. Keep up with the trends –

Leverage different social media platforms to stay ahead of and on trends! Check your Instagram account to see what the next hot new topic is and go from there. You will be surprised how thirsty your tribe is for the next new hot thing.

Whether you're a social media butterfly, or  not --social media is a necessary component of connecting with + engaging your tribe and keeping them coming back for more!

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