How to make the money match the hustle!

Do you ever feel like you have all the right things in place, but results just aren't coming in quite they way they should be? Every now and then I find myself on a call with a client who has this exact struggle. Often, after a little digging, I find the missing piece often seems to be that don't have the MINDSET in place to receive the results they are working so hard towards!

Here's the deal--

You can hustle your ass off, and say/do all of the right things, but at the end of the day if you don't have the proper mindset and belief system in place you WILL hit a block and not reach the potential of results you could/should be!

Here are some of my Money Manifesting Mantras + Tips to help get your Mind in Check to support your hard work!

+Every time that you spend a single penny say "there's more where that comes from!" And FEEL it! Big or small!

+We know what you focus on expands-- so do not say feel or think like there's not enough or even "wanting or needing" money! (Bc it'll always keep you attracting more wanting or needing!)  Instead, focus on what having that extra income feels like -- for example like saying yes and spoiling yourself or your little ones more, or extra in the bank and the security that comes with that, etc!

+When you focus on what having it will MEAN + what you'll be able to DO and FEEL, you'll attract the money to support it!

+Be clear! Crunch the #s! Do the work! The universe LOVES clarity!

+That also means-- NO MIXED SIGNALS!

It's time to clean up the self talk! [ Remember FULL FAITH-- there is not room for both fear + faith! ]

Spend some time being more aware & audit your self talk! If something that doesn't support your goals keeps coming up, acknowledge it, remind yourself why it's not true, release it,  then sit down  & mindfully re-write it in a way that does! 

+Act "as if"! Don't say "I'll do this when it happens." Instead, say "I'll do it now THEN that will happen!"

+The flow of money, is the flow of money-- you can GIVE to jump start receiving! This is my FAVORITE way to manifest! If you can't give money, give value or serve! 💗

+Remember -- the universe is the source of your abundance and it always provides where it guides! 🙌

+Check out some of my favorite books- "The Game of Life & How to Play It" and "Think & Grow Rich"! [Click on the titles to get the free ebook version!]

+Check out Amanda Frances's Money Meditation!

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