Motivation & F Boys

It happens to us all.  One day we’re 🔥LIT🔥 and the next day we’re in the dumps having ourselves a pity party. The truth of it is, staying motivated is not always easy.  It's not supposed to be. And more times than not, those who are dedicated to staying motivated are the ones who succeed. 


Let me guess, it typically goes something like this--

You get a killer idea.

You're PUMPED, and start putting in werkkkkk! 

Then (since you failed to plan) you hit a few  bumps and unexpected failures.  Overwhelm sneaks in, and motivation ghosts ya faster than a f boy. 

Now you're ready to hit the "delete" on the whole thing like a selfie with no likes. 

But before ya reach for the Ben & Jerry's to kick off your Rom-com therapy sesh to cry about crushed dreams-- pull yourself together.

Seriously, step away from Netflix, and boss up! 

We’ve all been there. You've been there before too. And we all survived.

But not this time, this time is different.

This time you know better, and can check yo self before you wreck yo self so that you can reignite your fire  and crush your goals!

Here's how--

🖤Focus on what you really want. 

Be specific and be positive.  We generally think in terms of what we don’t have rather than focus on what we want.  Don’t focus on your fears but what you can do to overcome them.  Don’t focus on being poor but on a plan to create wealth. Speak it, feel it, prepare for it!


To do this make a plan to get there one step at a time.  You don’t become the president of a company until you’ve come up from the ranks.  Focus on your plan to achieve your objectives and your goals.  Be realistic on your goals.  Goals that are unreachable can lead to overwhelm and burnout.  But crushing  small goals will keep you excited! 


🖤Boost your confidence by focusing on what you already have and not what you lack. 

You’ll probably discover you’re more successful than you think.  We waste our mind power being jealous of others instead of working on achieving our own dreams. Don’t take your passions, resources, or accomplishments lightly! Celebrate as often as you can and you'll only have more things happen that need to be celebrated! 


🖤Without direction there is no motivation.  

You must create a day-to-day strategy.  Make a to-do list and do it.  Mark off each item once it’s accomplished and do not mark it off until it’s done. 

 By making a list or outline of what needs to be done, you’ll find ways to do it and you’ll get more excited to knock the next thing off the list.  All you have to do is start! (Like... now!)


🖤Remember, it's okay if you experience overwhelm or burnout. 


Look at it as an opportunity to step back and analyze what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right.  Discover your faults and correct them.  When you re-evaluate your plans and goals from a fresh perspective, and  passion to make it happen! 


So next time you're on the verge of going crazy ex on your goals, take a step back and remember to step away from the angry Facebook status, put down the Ben and Jerrys, and get back to making $h!t happen! 🙌 



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