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Let's talk about the money, honey! 💰

Today I wanted to pop in and share some of my favorite ways to create an abundant mindset!

💰Appreciate what you already have. To quickly move from the normal habit of thinking what you don’t have is to appreciate what you do have. Appreciate your food, your life, your home, family, friends, pets, job, health, and so on.


📖Keep a gratitude journal. This is along the same lines as the previous post. Every day spend time every day writing down what is going well in your life that you are grateful for. Try to write down ten things each evening before going to sleep. This lets you realize you have many good things in your life.


📝Mantras. Turn your scarcity into a wealth mindset by repeating a mantra each day, several times a day. Write down your mantra on a sheet of paper, post it note or index card, keeping it where you will see it. It can be as simple as “I am abundant in every way.” Say it out loud several times a day for a few days.


➕Look for positives in every loss. It’s inevitable. Life will deal you a bad hand occasionally. When that happens, don’t let scarcity mindset whisper how unfair life is or how someone else is luckier than you. Instead think of the positives you get from the experience.


💭Build your knowledge bank. Changing your poor mindset to a healthy money mindset requires you to educate yourself about money and build a positive relationship with it. You can do this by reading books, watching videos, attending seminars and talking to experts, as well as always knowing where your money is going and how you are investing it.


💸Spread the wealth. Donate money, time and possessions to others in need. By sharing you begin to feel good about what you’ve done by improving someone’s life. You find you don’t miss the money you shared and people will begin sharing back with you.


🖇Organize your home and your life. Getting your possessions, your time and your money organized lets you begin to see how wealthy you are.


👸🏻Believe you deserve to be rich. This is a huge mindset shift for many. The money is out there for everyone to grab. Believing you deserve to be rich changes your actions to ones that make it happen. Go from “Why me?” to “Why not me, too?”


👯Stop comparing yourself to others. When you have a scarcity mindset, you think the only thing that matters is how you compare to others. The opposite is true in a healthy money mindset. What matters the most is how you compare to yourself. Social media makes this difficult. Cut back on Facebook and other social media forms if you constantly compare yourself to others. Focus on what you can do, instead, right now to make your life what you want.


🙅🏻Get rid of excuses. Don’t make excuses for your money problems. Instead, figure out what you need to change, whether it’s a belief or a habit.


Here's to putting these tips to use for an abundant life!