How To "Burnout Proof" Your Biz For You & Your Tribe!


If you have been a #bizbabe very long you may have experienced at some point some level of the dreaded "burnout". 🔥😩

And while I don't believe in a "one size fits all"  solution-- there are some things that ring true in most cases that can really help you to "burnout proof" your biz! 😍

Burnout is a result of being overwhelmed to the point that you're un-motivated.

There's a lot of chatter about what motivation is, and isn't. Define it however you'd like-- but at the end of the day it really comes down to dedication. 

Your level of motivation will only equal your level of dedication! Being "motivated" doesn't always have to be the struggle we allow it to be!  Realize it or not, you use motivation daily--at home ,work, everywhere you go! Subconsciously we’re continuously using some form of motivation whether it's for ourselves OR those we come in contact with.

We use these skills to achieve the results we crave.  We use them on our spouse, our co-workers and our friends everyday to get our "way". It can be a delicate balance between communication and persuasion.  (And no one likes to come across as "salesy"!) Remember that your intention and energy will transfer! Keep your focus on SERVING before selling! 🙌💖

So how can you keep your self and your tribe "motivated" and  "burnout proof" your biz?

💖Offer rewards.

If you tease and tempt an irresistible offer or reward, it can be very motivating!

✔️You can use this for yourself by setting "treats" for achieving specifics goals. 

✔️You can use this for your tribe by offering an incentive for purchasing! Such as a boho offer, referral credit, samples or extra discount for placing bigger order, etc! 



Best way to get stuff done in time? Set and stick to deadlines!   

✔️Use this for your business but setting deadlines for tasks and goals! 

✔️Use this to motivate your tribe/customers by making offers and promotions on a set deadline! That will get them excited to get it done! And get them in the habit of taking action quickly! 💯


💖Plan Ahead. 

Having a plan that helps support your goals helps you to focus in only on the task at hand and minimize overwhelm and false "pressure" and chaos caused by not having a plan in place!  

✔️Use this to take back control and work smarter not harder on what you want to in your biz and hit your goals without as much "pressure" .

✔️Use this to serve your tribe by creating more thought out and put together promotions and content AND let them know what to expect! Also build trust and credibility by having your $h!t together!  



Setting a goal lets you know where you’re going.  It’s hard to hit a moving target and a goal helps you focus on where you want to be and at a certain time.  Be sure to leverage both short and long term goals.  Really take it to the #nextlevel by making the short-term goals steps to reach the long-term objective.  Each time you hit  a short-term goal, you’ll be one step closer to the long term ones! 


 💖Raise Your Standards

Expect the best and settle for nothing less.  If you’re doing taking the time to do the task-- do it the best you can! The effort and energy you put into it will reflect in the results! 

[PS- you'll be shocked at how the quality of what you attract rises as you raise your standards!]


💖Do what you LOVE. 

When you are doing what you love, it won't feel like "work"! You'll do better quality of work, more quickly and that passion is irresistible to your tribe! Win all the way around! 🙌💖


Start putting theses ideas to work to start making your biz "burnout proof" and keep your tribe excited to see what's next! 😍💖👯 Have you experienced burnout before? What can you implement from this post to help prevent it from happening again?!