Are you making these mistakes?

Many of us start our business with a passion and a calling to do something "more." But, we often end up selling ourselves short and settling for our "comfortable" or "attainable" dreams. And there's nothing wrong with that, but you may really have bigger dreams of being a leader in the industry, or a top ranked earner in your network marketing company. 

One reason we may never even really give it our all because of the fear that's in the way!  And there's a rationality to that fear-- when you look around, it can seem as if some people never quite make it and others get to the top quickly. But, as frustrating this can be, it's vital to remember not to compare the beginning of your journey to someone else's middle or end! (And they are probably only sharing their "highlight reel") And it's only you standing in your way! 

The good news is: you can achieve those goals as too! If you can overcome those fears with dedication, hustle, passion.

Here's the "bad" news: it also requires PATIENCE and KILLER consistency! If something comes overnight, it's likely to go overnight too.

More good news:

(because I'm a good news kinda gal),

you can help speed up the process by making sure you're not blocking yourself from success by making any of these rookie mistakes!

Your Brand/Social Media/Website Doesn't Look Professional

Let's face it: a lot of new bizbabes out there just don't look all that professional. Yours might well be one of them and there's a good chance that you're not even aware of it. It is very hard to be completely objective about our own work! So, go and take another look at your online presence now and ask yourself honestly: is this as high quality as the very best in your niche/industry? Is it "irresistible" for your tribe? Can it hang next to others? If the answer is no, then you need to go back to the drawing board and try again!

That may mean hiring a professional. Take your time and find the right fit for you! Remember this is a business, and you're making an investment in it! Do your research, make sure you connect with the person you hire, have a clear and signed contract, and be ready to go ALL IN!

Your Brand/Online Presence and Content Are Too Generic-- and BORING!

This comes from a lack of passion and dedication. It's your job, and your privilege to create an irresistible and authentic brand! If you want your tribe to remember you, you have to be memorable! You have to STAND OUT!

For example, how many times have you seen stuff like:

How to Earn Money From Your Cell Phone
How to Loose Weight ?

These are completely bland and unoriginal and very few people will want to click on them, and NO ONE will remember them.

Think about what your tribe would find absolutely unique and so exciting that when they are scrolling past it, they have to stop and click on it! Now do that again. And again!

 You Aren't Showing Up Enough And Consistently! 

Here's a common mistake that a lot of babes make: thinking that they can post once every month and go straight to the top. It seems obvious: but if you want to become a leader and/or top earner, then you need to start acting like one and treat it like a full time job!

If you work part-time, you will get part-time results!

And you can't keep running your business like a $5k work ethic and systems expecting to get $50k returns. Learn to work smarter not harder so that you can work full time and get overtime results! 


How'd ya stack up?

Are you guilty of making these rookie mistakes?

Tell us in the comments!


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