Six Ways To Be A #TRENDSETTER // It's time to STAND OUT, not just blend in!

Hey girl hey! You, my dear, are epic, gorgeous, & amazing--& it's time you show it off a little!  You weren't made to blend into the crowd; YOU were made to stand out! 

That doesn't mean it's time to dance on the tables and cause a scene (...unless that's your thing!) It means it's time to share your passions, talents, love, and badass-ness with the world! 

Here are six epic ways to do just that!  [& attract your dream tribe in the process!]

1. Be Authentic-- Authenticity is IRRESISTIBLE. There's just no way around it! If you want to stand it in a powerful way-- you HAVE to be authentic!  Be true to who you are, what you love, and what you stand for!

2. Be Passionate- Passion is contagious, and demands attention! Take your irresistibility to the next level by showing off your passion!

3. Be Ambitious- Ambition can go hand in hand with passion-- but don't be confused, they are two separate and equally important things! Be ambitious, reach for the stars. Set and chase goals that inspire not only you, but others as well!

4. Be Determined- Be determined. Be RELENTLESSLY determined! Determination demands attention and inspires and motivates everyone that crosses your path! 

5. Be Consistent- Consistency builds trust! Consistency says that this is who I am, I'm showing up, & not backing down! It also shows you'll be there for your tribe, and they know exactly what to expect from you--& that will keep them coming back for more!

6. Be a Leader, NOT a Follower- To be a #TRENDSETTER you have to be willing to step out from the crowd and be a leader! (The world has enough followers already-- you were made to shine!)

These are six of my favorite ways to be a true #TRENDSETTER in my industry! I'd love to hear how you do the same! If you are doing these already, or decide to try some this week pop in the comments and let me know how it goes! 💕