I’m just here for the good times + tan lines ☀️

Summer is finally in full swing and I'm loving every second!

I'm loving that being my own boss means that I get to work on the back porch soaking up some rays & enjoy the weekends on the creek bed!

I feel rejuvenated and motivated by the summer sunny rays that flood my office in the morning and afternoon! I LIVE for little sun dresses and a killer tan! 

To celebrate the summer kick off I'm sharing my favorite “girl where’d ya get that” swimsuits, summer MUST HAVES, and of course summa’ time play list for those top off the Jeep, lets go for a ride kinda days💁🏻‍♀️💓

“GIRL WHere’D YA GET THAT?” Swimsuits

I love all of these and you can mix and match them with solid bottoms like these:

and this is an adorable option if you’re looking for something a little more on the flirty side!

more of a one piece kinda gal?

I got this one myself and LOVE it!


summEr #trendsetter must haVEs!

Tan is my favorite color girl! If I can’t get it in the sun, a little faux glow does the trick! I’ve not tried the bondi sands brand yet, but I LOVE everything from b.tan! (Their killer branding makes me a sucker every time!) The body oil is my go to quick glow up fix allll day every day to take my tan glow a notch!



And we all know the damage summer time can take on our tresses! Protect your hair + stay cute AF sis!


Not only is the perfect beach bag on every babes essentials list… but here’s some of my must haves that I keep in mine!


now grab your fave sunnies,

hit play on my summer time playlist

+ i’ll see ya at the water bby!