T.G.I.M! Why I love Mondays & my top 5 Monday "hacks" so you can too!

T.G.I.M! That's right-- I said it! I LOVE Mondays!

Now before you roll your eyes and get ready to hunt me down for expressing such a sentiment-- hear me out!

I, like you, once hated Mondays like she was the most basic b*tch I had ever met! BUT at some point in the last few months that's changed. I can't put my finger on it, but somewhere along the way there was a switch, a moment I realized “Wait! Mondays aren't so bad!”

Maybe it's because I no longer have to go to a job I hate and instead get to spend my week doing what I absolutely LOVE, but it's more than just that. Mondays are a fresh start. Monday means a new week, new possibilities, a chance to connect with new friends, & time to start on new projects! There's just that little special something fresh and exciting about Monday!

I realize that not everyone feels this way, and that's why I want to share a few of my favorite “hacks” to make your Mondays a little more magical!

1.  Plan & Prep before Monday comes!

We’ve all heard the saying “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” This couldn't be any more spot on! Take a little time out of your weekend festivities to plan and prep for the week ahead! On Sunday's (after my afternoon nap) I meal prep for the week, finish up the laundry, and look over my notes to make sure everything is in order and ready to go for the new week ahead! This keeps me prepared, and ahead of the game so Monday no longer feels like being thrown to the wolves!

2.  Manifest your perfect Monday!

Spend a little time Sunday evening before you go to sleep visualizing your perfect Monday. This sets the tone for how your Monday will go and sends a message to the Universe so it can get busy making it happen!

3.  Start it off right!

If you wake up in a frenzy and dreading the day before it even begins you'll spend the whole day feeling that way! I like to set a little reminder with my alarm! 


Then I crank my favorite playlist & jam! << I mean what's a better mood shifter than your favorite music, right?! >>


4.  Give your body what it needs!

We all know the power of a healthy breakfast! Sunday evening make sure you've got a quick and easy breakfast ready to go for you the next morning! AND get enough of sleep! Resist the urge to stretch out the weekend and call it an early night on Sunday! You'll wake up Monday morning feeling ready to take on the week & whatever it throws at ya!

5.  Make it a priority!

If you decide beforehand that Monday will not get the best of you, you've already won! There's several things you can do to keep yourself on track! Some of my favorites are to say my fave mantras, make a list of everything I'm grateful for, and challenge myself to find the beauty in the chaos!

And if all else fails-- go get a mani/pedi and call it a day!

What are some of your favorite Monday hacks?! 

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