Toughen Up, Buttercup // Why Having A Thick Skin Is Important

Let's just be honest-- running a business can be TOUGH!

 There are so many potential issues that can eventually show up such as:

* Dealing with impatient customers

* Dealing with difficult clients

* Dealing with less than pleasant employees or competitors

* Orders that are late

* Legal issues

*Cash Flow

* Marketing and sales

And guess who's department that is...😂

Here's a little #coldhardtruth to help you "Toughen Up, Buttercup!" 💖


You are now in sales – If you do not like selling, then you do not may struggle in business. Business is all about sales and letting potential clients and customers know that you have a product or service to offer them!

Not everyone understands and will be supportive of your business. If you do not have a thick skin and are timid around loved ones, then perhaps entrepreneurship is not for you.

Be prepared for skepticism – over 90% of new businesses fail within their first year. You've got to be ready to show you're not another statistic.

It's a long term play, and most people only have short term focus. Business is a game of winning AND sometimes failing. If you're not failing a little-- you're not doing enough! You may even lose money from time to time. You need to be willing to INVEST in your business, with a long time return.

Not everyone will love you. To build a brand that people are passionate and that is successful means being different-- and that means you may not always "fit in".

Not everyone will play nice.

You will probably fail. If you aren't failing at least a little bit, chances are you just aren't doing enough & taking enough risks.


Ouch. I know that might hit home a little hard for some of you. But that's okay! Now that you know what can happen, and what to look for, you can face any challenge head on and with more resilience.🔥

Have you had experiences in your business that have helped you have a little thicker skin?

Share with us in the comments!  📲