I can't even begin to tell you the joy that comes from getting to introduce you to this amazing goddess today! Maria and I met in Amanda France's Spiritual Bad-Ass Boss Lady group & immediately connected!

I've worked with her one on one and every single time we connect is such a blessing! So today I'm SO excited to be introducing you to one of my all time favorite bossbabes...

meet maria

Name:Maria Pallas

Nickname:Gypsy Queen

Email Address:info@mariapallas.com


Instagram Username:maria_pallas_


What do you do? (What's your job description / title?):Master Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Writer

What do you REALLY do?:I’m Maria! I’m an adventure seeking, bijou hoarding, nature loving, beach bumming, high-vibing spiritual healer and intuitive coach, who is absolutely 100% committed to helping women create a life that they love!

How/when did you get started?:My journey started about 5 years ago and it's been quite the roller coaster ride ever since! It was about 5 years ago when I began my own healing journey, and started to share my experiences and insights through various blogs and social media, because I wanted to inspire and help others who were in the same boat as I was. I knew I had many peeps out there so I wanted to show up any way that I could.

At the time I had a cushy job as a corporate trainer and coach, and although I loved the work, the content just didn't jive with me AT ALL!!! So after sometime and lot's of my own healing, I decided to learn more about energy healing work. Specifically Reiki which I had truly amazing results with, and continued on to become a Reiki Master.

Now I combine several different spiritual healing and releasing techniques, along with my coaching skills to give women a truly profound healing experience that allows them to ditch all of the fears and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving them, so that they can create the life that probably always dreamed of, but never in a million years thought was possible.

What's your next big thing?:The next big thing for me is definitely my book. I've been playing around with some different ideas and themes but overall it will embody all that I've learned on my spiritual healing journey as well as a bit of my story as well.

What's the one thing you'd like to share with all other #girlbosses?!:If you're dreaming of it, it's already yours!!!! Don't listen to anyone who is telling you that you can't or you shouldn't. They are speaking from their fears, and their experience not yours. So if you have a dream, own it! If you have a gift, share it! The world needs you to show up!!

Celeb Crush:Ryan Gosling

Fave Song / Current Jam:It's actually not that new but I listen to it every time I need a pick me up "Breathing Underwater" by the Canadian Indie rock band "Metric"

Fave thing to do:I'm obsessed with nature - I'm obsessed with streams, flowers, trees, jungles, mountains, volcanoes, forests, beaches and deserts. I also like to sing at the top of my lungs knowing I'll never get a grammy!

Spirit Emoji:Praise hands emoji

Go-To lipstick color/brand:The Body Shop Color Crush Lipstick in Dare to Be Bare

Favorite Outfit // Work:Kimono or poncho with jeans - I like to feel at work like I do at play :D

Favorite Outfit // Play:Kimono or poncho with jeans

Thing you NEVER leave the house without:My iPhone literally holds the y key to my life

Fave part of being a #girlboss:All the other amazing #girlboss babes I get to meet and that inspire me each and everyday to show up and show out!

Inspired most by:Gabby Bernstein - I am so obsessed with her that I have to check myself always to make sure that I am not comparing myself to her

One thing about you that might surprise others:When I have nothing to do I'll often go and hang out in a book store even if I don't buy anything! #nerdalert

2016 Goals:To host my first ever destination retreat in Bali

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