Feeling Stuck? Here's What Your Procrastination Is Trying To Tell You!

You should be writing your next blog post, scheduling your social media, or answering emails. You should be writing your email newsletter,  or recording a video series. But you’re just not getting it done...in fact--

You're always "busy" but rarely actually marking anything important off the list.

In fact, you find a million reasons not to do them.

You tell yourself you’ll come back to it later. You decide that now’s the perfect time to update all your social media profiles with a new hot selfie. While you’re at it, you pause to touch up your makeup, which leads to organizing your collection, to being distracted by social media, phone calls, tv, etc.

Next thing you know, the day is over.

As your head hits the pillow, you remember you still haven’t conquered the task that’s weighing on your todo list (and shoulders) You’ll get it tomorrow you tell yourself but the next day, you’re doing the exact same thing.

Avoiding tasks you should do is a little thing known as procrastination.

Most babes in biz think that procrastination is a bad thing. You might believe that, too. But today I want to challenge you to shift your perspective--

Procrastination is actually a valuable warning signal.

Here's an example-- You take your car to a mechanic when you see the “check engine” light-- think of procrastination as your very own "check engine" light! When you first feel it, you need to slow down and evaluate what’s really holding you back.

Procrastination is inner resistance.

It’s a sign that your subconscious is speaking and you need to listen.

Often, procrastination is telling you one of these things:

➕You’re ready to change direction.

Maybe you originally started your business selling health and wellness products. But you’ve come to realize that your true gift is mindset coaching.


➕Your project or client isn’t a good fit.

Maybe you wanted to work with this client because they’re an industry

"name". Maybe you took on their project because you needed the cash. Now you find yourself procrastinating and wondering why you can’t “just do it”.


➕Your work no longer challenges you.

You use to feel energized by your work. It was a challenge and you loved it. But now, that’s changed. You’ve been doing one thing for so long that it no longer excites you and this makes you realize you’re bored with your current projects.


➕You’re afraid of success or failure

At the root of procrastination, some #bizbabes find they’re afraid of success or failure. That’s because success and failure represent change and change feels scary. You worry that if you succeed, you won’t be able to duplicate your success. You fret that if you fail, you’ll be embarrassed and disappointed.

But here's the thing-- If you aren't failing at least a little bit-- YOU'RE NOT DOING ENOUGH! The challenges & blocks you may face are there to make you better! Each time you overcome one of them by facing it head on + learn the lessons-- it makes you better! The more challenges = the more unstoppable you become!

When you’re tempted to procrastinate on a project, take some time to check in withyour intuition. Do a little "check up" before hitting the "road" (to do list) again!

Also, give this little "procrastination hack" a try! It's been a real game changer for me!


Once you've checked in with these things, be sure to also check in with your schedule to make sure it's aligned with the RESULTS you're needing, not just " busy work " If you need a little guidance with scheduling, check out my free training here. 💖

What do you tend to procrastinate the most? Why do you think you've not overcome it yet? Tell us in the comments!