She's On The List! Now What?!

We've talked a lot over the last few months about why you need an email list, and how to grow it-- but today we are going to chat about how to USE it! 

When it comes to going above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service, don’t overlook the power of follow up emails!

 Here are a few ways you can create automations and systems leveraging your list to take your customer service to the #nextlevel!


💌Welcome Your New Babe

The first email message your tribe should receive is the welcome email. In this email, you’ll want to give access to the product or service your customer purchased and tell you’re her how to ask for help if needed. You could say something simple like, “Need help? Hit reply to this message and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.”

💌Follow Up Promptly

You’ll want to send a follow up email about 48 hours later. Ask if your customer received everything they needed and give them any extra info they may need!

A third email message should be sent 10-20 days after the original purchase. This is also a good opportunity to spark engagement by asking your customer if they’ve been able to use their product or service yet! 

You can even highlight a customer that did and share how they used your product. For example, you might say, “Lizzie purchased my course anout Instagram marketing and noticed her Instagram engagement, follows, and sales climb as soon as she implemented the first two lessons.”

💌Give a Status Update

If your customer has purchased from you, then you can use this email message to give an update. For example, you might say, “I’ve been working on that e-book for you and I’m halfway through it. I expect to be finished by [date]. In the meantime, are there any questions you have that I can answer?”

Updating your clients may seem like a small thing, but it puts customers’ minds at ease, manages expectations and builds trust!

💌Use Reminder Emails

Set an automated email to follow up after three months. Use this email to ask if you can be of any further service. This can jog a client’s memory and remind them to place an order they’d forgotten about.

You can also use this reminder email to ask for a testimonial. You might say something simple like, “I enjoyed collaborating on your project (helping you find the perfect product, etc) I’d love it if you’d share about your experiencing working with me in the form of a short testimonial.”📝

When your customer service goes above and beyond, your customers will love you for it. They’ll enjoy using your products or services so much that they’ll become brand ambassadors and sharing how awesome your business is with everyone they know! 😍


Are you using automated emails in your biz to improve your customer service? What ideas do you have to implement after reading this post?! 💁🏻💖

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