Say Hello to Alexa // Your Personal Make Up Artist! // Bri Woods Chaney Photography // Central Arkansas Portrait Photographer

I am always looking for ways to make your portrait experience even more luxurious. I'm so excited to announce that I've teamed up with makeup artist, Alexa Homeyer! Having your makeup done professionally before your session will make your portrait experience even more special! Before your session she will consult with you to discuss and then create the perfect look that showcases your best features. She will have you feeling pampered (and relaxed) and looking flawless for your session! Alexa took a few minutes to share a little about herself with you! Get to know her with her Q&A interview below. (Isn't she gorgeous too?!)


Name? Alexa Homeyer

Age? 21

Favorite color? Pink

YouTube Channel?


What is one makeup item you could€n'™t live without? Either bronzer or a great eyeliner.

If you're in a rush what are your makeup essentials before you run out the door? Makeup essentials on the run would be bronzer, a great mascara, and a highlight.

What nail color will you be rocking through winter? I am loving a great maroon nail. I love it because it's currently a little more high fashion than a bright red in my opinion.

Favorite beauty icon? & Why? Kourtney Kardashian. She can do everything from a great smokey eye to a great neutral glowy look. If we were talking about a person with a great makeup line, it would have to be Kat Von D., because she's not afraid to take risks. 2012-12-09_0004.jpg

Leave a comment below to ask Alexa any makeup questions you  may have! You may just see your questions answered in our next VIDEO! (Also stay tuned, she's put something special together on creating the perfect holiday look just for YOU!)