The Session Premiere // Client Experience // Bri Woods Chaney Photography // Central Arkansas Portrait Photography

I am so excited to share with you one of the things that makes your experience with Bri Woods Chaney Photography even more special! The Session Premiere has been designed as a special service for my clients! The night of your Session Premiere, I come to your home dessert in hand, and you will see all of your images for the very first time!2012-11-30_004.jpg

Once your desserts are in hand we'll gather around as your faces will fill with joy seeing your images for the first time in a custom slideshow on the projector as you relive every special moment and memory from your portrait session! After the slideshow, you will get to go through each image individually, and choose everyone's favorites!

Some clients struggle with knowing how to display their images, image sizes and ratios, and what to order. A bonus of doing your in home premiere is that I'm there to help create your portrait art! You will get the opportunity to look at and hold each product to experience the quality and get familiar with your options! We can also look at display ideas, see how your images would look on YOUR walls, and plan any custom designs to fit your needs!

It'€™s quite the event (if I do say so myself). It's pretty much - Fabulous! Along with all the awesomeness, you will also be given special Premiere night collections and pricing!

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