What to Wear // Spring Sessions // Bri Woods Chaney Photography // Central Arkansas Family and Child Portrait Photographer


As the winter season slowly creeps out the door, it's time for the dark dreary colors of your wardrobe to do the same! I am SO excited because this weekend kicks off my first Spring Sessions of the year! I put together a few fun suggestions for putting the "spring" back into your wardrobe just in time!

One of the most fashionable ways to celebrate the start of spring is by using accessories as a colorful pop to a neutral outfit. That means it's time to break out the  bright pair of shoes, a colorful statement necklace, or even neon belt for that playful spring style! Just remember-- be careful to make sure you don't over do it! (Less is sometimes more!) Try to keep in mind that the more vibrant or overwhelming the color, (or pattern) the more the eye will be drawn to that area.  (If you aren’t comfortable showing off certain areas keep them neutral, and save the pops of color for the areas you want to accent!)

Here are a couple of examples that you hopefully find helpful!


Looking just for the kiddos? Here's a great Pinterest board full of the most adorable outfits and ideas for Spring!

What's your favorite way to put the "spring" back into your wardrobe?