>> A Guide To Creating Your Dream biz+brand on who you are+what you love!

What if you could wake up every morning + do what you love, with babes you click with, AND GET PAID FOR IT?

Sounds a little too good to be true right? But it's not! My #bizbesties + I do it every single day! (And if we can, you can too!)

Successful #bizbabes know that true success is found in that magical space where your passions, your goals, and your irresistible authentic self meet.

This guide is to help you do just that! And for a babe building her empire online, that means creating a brand and business you love, working with people who are more than just clients—they’re friends, too.

It's time to Wake. Slay. Get Paid!



The Step-by-Step Planner Covers:

  • Step 1: What’s Your Why?
    • Exercise: Create a Vision Board
  • Step 2: Your Story Matters
    • Exercise: Write Your Personal Story
  • Step 3: Write Your Manifesto
    • Exercise: Write Your Manifesto
  • Step 4: Storytelling-Your New Favorite Secret Weapon
    • Exercise: Share Your Business Story
  • Step 5: Attracting Your Tribe
    • Exercise: Your Tribe
  • Step 6: B.Y.O.B.- Be Your Own Brand
    • Exercise: 20 Problems Your Tribe Faces
  • Step 7: Authenticity Is Irresistible
    • Exercise: Research Stories and Authenticity
  • Step 8: Collaboration > Competition
    • Exercise: List Your Industry Crushes + Brainstorm Ways to Work Together
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