Are you ready to make time for real self love, feel confident & stand out from the crowd?

Is not feeling confident in your [SELF]ie keeping you from showing up online?


What if you had the secret sauce (tips, tricks, & techniques) to create irresistible images that tell your story, show off your strengths, &  attracts your your dream tribe?

This free online mini course was created with that exact purpose in mind! To show you step by step how to take stunning photos of yourself and the world around you that make you stand out in a crowded online world!



What you will learn:

+The importance of your social media “vibe” & how to make a killer first impression!

+how to create and tell your story in an irresistible way

+how to take your social media game to the next level

+how to create swoon worthy images that tells your story

+Pro tips & techniques to perfect your selfie game

+how to really take your images to the next level with the # SELFIEQUEEN’S must have apps!


You're in the right place if…

+you're ready to create killer images

+it's time for you to start feeling confident & beautiful inside & out

+you are craving all the pro’s secret tips & tricks how to #SLAY your SELfie

+ you're totally over playing small & ready to stand out in a crowded online world!
+are ready to level up your online visibility
+dieing to attract your dream tribe & have the ideal clients/customers coming to you!


This webinar is is not for you if…

+mediocrity is your thing!

+you aren't willing to make a little time to love yourself!

+if you love unflattering pictures of yourself in bad lighting, & from all the wrong angles.

+you're okay with "just blending in"

+ you are a follower, not a leader
+like being virtually invisible online


Mary & Bri brought their specialties of photography & brand styling together to create this step by step mini course to give you exactly what you need to feel confident & stand out & show up online in big ways!




I'm Bri! I am a wifey, coffee addict, portrait artist, hustler, geek, creative designer, #girlboss, shopaholic, consultant, & not-so-basic "basic white girl".

I help bloggers, fashionistas, beachbody coaches, small biz owners, dreams, hustlers & all #girlbosses alike make their biz work for them--not the other way around with game changing strategy and killer design!



Hey Love!

My name is Mary! I'm a professional photographer, virtual assistant & wedding officiant in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I spend my days writing, cuddling my puppy, hanging with people in love, creating beauty, adoring my hubby AND helping women get their spark back (or find it for the first time)!

My self-love journey began a couple of years ago & it stemmed from my love of photography & self-portraits. I realized that the skills I was using to foster self-love/care in my life, as well as the skills I used in my selfies, were things that could & should be taught!

My Selfiequeen course has been a few years in the making & now that it's complete, I cannot wait to share it with you.