Based on the scope of the most projects, it can take up to 8 weeks to complete from the time that the down payment on the project is received. This is only a good faith estimate, which depends on many factors outside our control; if the project is completed beyond this date, that fact in itself will not amount to a breach of this Agreement. 

Changes, Revisions & Updates.

 agreement includes 3 revisions during the process. Any other changes outside those revisions must be requested and agreed to in writing. You will be billed for these changes at my standard hourly rate, unless otherwise agreed.

Client may pay off balance early just contact Bri to do so! If payment needs to be rescheduled client must contact Bri within 48 hours before payment due date. At that time an agreement concerning that payment will be made between both parties. If not notified, and payment declines Bri will have the option of suspending website, and removing access to files until payment is made.  

Hourly Rate. Additional work outside of this contract is billed at my hourly rate of $150.

Client Responsibilities

To provide you with outstanding design, I need to have a great working relationship with you. To that end, you agree that during the course of this project you will:

Be the primary stakeholder and decision-maker for the project;

Provide information and files as I request them in a timely manner;

Review work, offer feedback, and issue approvals in a timely manner;

Adhere to project  schedules; and Inform me of any problems or issues as soon as possible.

Additionally, you are responsible for ensuring that you have the rights to all images, copy, trademarks, or other elements you provide to me in the course of the project. You also agree to indemnify me against any liability for copyright or trademark infringement for using these items.

Copyrights and Ownership of Designs

Publication. I am very proud of the designs that I produce, and love to show them off. As a result, Bri Woods Long reserves the right to display the designs I create for this project in my  portfolio and to write about the design process for the project on websites, magazines, books, and other outlets.

Technical Support

Support (within reason) will be provided at no additional cost during the scope up of the project.


Resolving Disputes. While I will do my best to ensure that you will be pleased with your experience as a client on this project, not every project will work out. If that most unfortunate reality should occur, we agree to work out any problems together, in a friendly manner, which are preventing the project from moving forward successfully. However, if that process is ineffective, either you or Bri Woods Long may cancel this Agreement for good cause by sending written notice to the other person.

Amount Due after Cancellation. Upon cancellation of this Agreement, you will be billed for the number of hours we have spent on the project at our standard hourly rate. If this amount is less than the deposit, you will not owe any additional funds. If this amount is more than the deposit, you will be billed for the outstanding balance. This balance will be due immediately.

Continuing Effect. All rights to indemnification will continue after cancellation of this Agreement.

Release of Liability. You agree to release us from any liability for all spelling or content errors in the copy you provide to us. Also, you agree to release us from any liability and to indemnify us against any claim or lawsuit from a third party arising from any elements you provide to us to complete this project.

Entire Agreement. The services listed in this Agreement makes up the entire agreement between you and Bri Woods Long. All changes to the Estimate or this Agreement must be in writing to be enforceable.

Files. I will provide a copy of all electronic files to you for the deliverables of this project. You are responsible for keeping these files in a safe place. You understand that we arenā€™t required to keep a copy of the files or source files after the completion of the project.

Relationship. Bri will perform all services as an Independent Contractor, not as an employee or agent. The designs we produce under this Agreement are not works made for hire under the United States Copyright Act.

No Assignment. You may not discuss, share, transfer or assign any rights under this Agreement to another party without our written permission.

Severability. If a portion of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable, that portion will be removed and the remainder will serve as our Agreement.

Governing Law. The laws of the State of Arkansas will control the interpretation of this Agreement. And any legal disputes will take place in Arkansas courts.