I see you girl!

You are a hustler!

A get-it-done kinda gal, that always finds a way to get more taken care of in 24 hours

than most even think about in a week!

You don’t hesitate, (because who has time for that?!)

You just take care of business (and the kids, and the house, and ya know everything else).

But no matter how many things you check off the list,

somehow at the end of the day there always feels like there’s still more.

And it’s frustrating, and exhausting.
And let’s just be honest— a little dream crushing.

You started this business because you had dreams, BIG dreams!
And you are making some things happen!


But, most of the time,

it feels like you’re barely keeping up and you have no idea how you’re supposed to ever have time to get ahead. (Or a shower)


And you’re tired. And burnout is feeling more real than ever.

And did I mention that you’re probably tired?

Let me ask you— when is the last time you put in less than 40 hours in a week?

How about a vacation? Taken one of those recently?
And when did you last take the afternoon off, “just because”?

Like— REALLY off. No phone, no email.

I’ve been there.

Working too hard; earning less than you’re worth;

and honestly, there are some days that you are not sure if you can keep it up

with this whole self-employment thing.

Am I hitting close to home?

But here’s the good news— it REALLY doesn’t have to stay that way.

(Only if YOU choose for it to!)

What if you could ACTUALLY drop the struggle

and not have to do things like:


-Spend 10 or 12 (or more) hours on your phone or laptop every day


-Get a J.O.B. (Admit it, you’ve considered doing just that)


-Hire a staff (and spend even more money)


-Double your rates (and drive your clients away in the process)


-Be attached to your phone 24/7, and never quite sure if the money is coming or where from.

Too good to be true?

We all love the idea of working only a few hours a day, a few days a week

and making more than “enough” money to support our lifestyle.


But just hearing it sounds like a dream— one that's just way too good to be true.

(It’s okay, I forgive you if you even rolled your eyes and called *bullshit* under your breath.

I would have to before I finally decided something had to change and realized how much

time, sanity, and FREEDOM these systems gave me!)

Here’s the deal—

it IS possible and can be EASY, the only catch is that it requires doing a little work up front.

If you don’t do the groundwork ahead of time, that short work day, and phone free evenings remain a nice dream,

while you continue to slave away 40+ hours each and every week.

This is where most biz babes fail.


You’re working so hard just trying to keep up with the day-to-day, you don’t have or MAKE the time or energy to create the foundation that will allow you to have more free time.

It’s a vicious downward spiral.

You Cant Get Ahead When You’re Barely Keeping Up

Here’s why—By the time you finish your workday (haha like it ever actually ends),

there are still a million things on your to-do list.

And  you’re far too exhausted both mentally and physically to even consider clearing the ground to start building your foundation.


You know you should probably:

•Automate repetitive tasks so you can get things done at the click of a button

(but who has time to research and find the right tools?)

•Document business tasks so others can take over when needed

(but how and when will you do that when you’re struggling to keep your head above water?)

•Outsource the stuff you hate to make time for more work you love

(but where will you find the right people and how will they know what to do?)

So yeah, just add all that to the list too.


Whyyyyy not?!

It’s easy to see why you’re stuck in this stressful space where money is always tight and the days are endless.  

And let’s be real—

how can you inspire others and BE A BOSS when most of the time you’re feeling like a hot mess?

But you know thats what I’m here for!

Girl, I got ya covered.


Created for real boss babes don’t have time to play around--

THE Step by Step Guide to Working Smarter, Not Harder

4-module course with actionable steps you can use to create easy, repeatable systems that will make your workday easier, increase your profits, and bring joy back to your business again.

I know you’re probably like WHOA BRI—

that’s kinda a insane promise to be making isn’t it ?

It’s not. And here’s why—

Creating and putting systems in place to automate tasks and make everything more efficient is the core of working smarter, not harder.

 It’s changed my business and life, as well as that of my clients and so many other biz babes!

So who the hell am I anyways?

I’m Bri! I’m a trendsetter, wifey, coffee addict, bossy biz babe, hustler, geek, creative designer, shopaholic, consultant, & not-so-basic "basic white girl".

I help #bossbabes take their biz to the next level + grow their empire with game changing systems, strategy & killer branding and website design!💕🙌

But enough about me,

I want you to hear it straight from the babes who can tell it best!

I am so glad I followed my gut and decided to work with Bri! When I started my business I was completely new to working online and didn't have any idea where to start, what I should be working on, what was important and what wasn't so I was constantly working but never feeling like I was making any impact. Once I started working with Bri she cleared up all those questions and now I work systematically every day doing what is important and I have the confidence I never had before on how I should go about growing my business. She has me set up like a pro so I can go out there and smash all my goals. I never would have been able to work this way without her and the systems she taught me!

-Tina K. // TinasWholeLife.com



Aren’t you ready for results like this too?

You know that it won’t happen overnight.  

It is going to take some work up front.

But we both know you’re not afraid of a little work,

ESPECIALLY if it means getting your life back!

And don’t worry, I know you’re busy— so there’s no fluff, just guiding you step by step to make it happen!

Everything is broken down into

small, quick, actionable steps

so that you don’t have to devote an entire week or even an afternoon to setup!

(Because we both know that wouldn’t happen)


I believe that what works for one babe isn’t what’s perfect for the next,

and it’s important to start where you are!



 I made sure that everything is set up in a way that you can customize

and implement the pieces that you want to start with and work best for you and your biz!

 AND finally start getting your life (and sanity, and maybe even SLEEP?!) back.

Let’s look at how it all breaks down—


Module 1: Stress-Free Immediately

In this first module, we’re going to concentrate on freeing up your time

as quickly as possible with task you can do once and it continues to work for FOR you over and over!

•Three categories of tasks every small business has—
organizing your workload with these guidelines in mind will bring instant clarity

•3 reasons you’re stuck—
plus the real reason nothing ever seems to change (and how to fix it starting right now)

•A simple, step-by-step process that will show you exactly what needs to happen in your business
so you can start enjoying more free time

•How to prioritize  so you get the best possible return on your time and money investment

•The number one thing you should automate—
do this right now and you’ll suddenly find you have more time
to take on more clients and projects (or just sip Rosè poolside)

• Automating payments and scheduling

•The big mistake business babes make (and it’s zapping your creativity)—and the tool that will help you fix it

•4 major considerations when outsourcing or hiring a virtual assistant—
follow these tips and your working relationship will be smooth sailing right from the start

Once you’ve automated a few of your day-to-day tasks and freed up some time each day,
 it’s time to move on to the part most babes find the most stressful in their business

Module 2: What the Tech?!

I get it.
The tech can be so confusing!
But you try! If you can’t figure it out, then you just google it. And end up down the endless black hole, so you pop on over to YouTube in search of the solution but then...


The overwhelm kicks in.

OMG the overwhelm.

Look here’s the deal—
you need to be doing what you do best! Not stressed out because you can’t figure out your tech!

And that’s exactly what I had in mind when I  created module 2!

•How to truly simplify even those must-have systems(yep, it’s possible)

•Recommended solutions for all your tech needs—
with a special emphasis on those that are easy and affordable .

•5 questions to ask before starting any new task—
this one tip will help you save so much  time and frustration!

•How to automate marketing—
set it up once and it runs on autopilot, what could be better?

•Pros and cons of various options,
including both free and high-quality paid ones

•4 things that should always be outsourced—
even the most techy people shouldn’t try to do it all!

Module 3: Sales + Streamlined Systems

This is where the hard work will really start to pay off—with automated, systematized sales processes that drive traffic and make money while you are doing your own thing — mani/pedi anyone?

You’ll learn:

•How to easily automate your inquiries

•6 must-have elements to make sure you stand out

•easy-to-use tools anyone can use to quickly create a professional-looking media

•How to create a lead generation plan that make sense—
get this right and everything else will fall into place

•5 proven methods for generating rock-solid leads—
plus tips for automating each one (remember the goal here is to lessen your workload, and these tips will help!)

•6 reasons you must have an email marketing —
it’s the ultimate in hands-free marketing

•7 ways to boost your public appearances—
doing just one of these on a regular basis can dramatically increase your market reach

•How to make social media easy and painless (this alone will free up hours of your time)

•How to eliminate wasting time while still delivering exceptional value to your clients


Module 4: Show Me The Money Honey!

Of course, it’s not just all about getting paid.

There’s still work to do, or else you’ll wind up with a mess come tax time.

Not only that, but like every well-run business, you need to have a budget, pay the bills on time, and plan for the future.


•The first (and most important) question you must answer before you can make better money choices

•5 critical reasons you should never mix business and personal funds—
and how to find the right bank account for your small business so you don’t run into trouble

•How and why to create a payments policy—
do this and you’ll never have to waste time negotiating again

•How to encourage customers to pay you by making one simple change to your processes

•How to accurately forecast your future income—
including a tool that makes this and other “boring” business stuff super easy and painless

•8 things to consider when creating your small business budget—
miss even one and your money matters will quickly begin to fall apart

•How to automate your payments so you never forget to pay affiliates, partners or contractors again

Money can be a major source of stress for many biz babes.

Just by putting the techniques in module 4 into practice,
you’ll  instantly lift your spirits (and your bank account balance).


Take Back Your Time & Start

Enjoying Your Work + LIFE Again

I’m not going to lie to you.

Putting these systems in place will take time and effort.

But if are willing to do the work, the results will be nothing short of game changing.


You can start to love your business again when you...

•Work fewer hours and get more done (finally, you’ll be able to take a day off if you want to!)

•Work more efficiently and with fewer mistakes (imagine the stress relief you’ll feel when your work is right the first time)

•Have things in place and automated ahead of time (so you can focus on getting ahead, or actually take a vacation)

•Realize that everything is running smoothly—and you’re not losing your hair from the constant worry


If sold individually, this program would total to be over $1200.

 I am PASSIONATE about getting these tools in the hands of the babes who need and want them the most!

So to make this not only accessible, but also a total NO BRAINER for you--

I've priced it at only $222!

But there's only 10 available at that price!

It really comes down to this:

You have two choices.

1- Keep doing what you’re doing.

2-Decide that something has to give and set yourself up for success instead of frustration and failure.

So what happens once you hit that buy button?

You’ll be taken to checkout where you’ll enter your information.

Once your transaction is completed you’ll receive an email with welcome guide and how to access your course!

Then spend a little time every day following the step by step guide to almost effortlessly build your systems!

Your systems start working, you start having more free time to enjoy life or work on getting ahead.

You complete the transformation from Hot Mess to CEO Success!

Rinse + Repeat.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention--

There are only 10 available!

If you’re REALLY over the stress, pressure, and chaos of trying to keep your head above water to make your biz work

and READY to uplevel in a big way--

then don’t play around and miss your chance!