Brand with Benefits

So we've talked all about the importance of creating a brand to stand out from the girl next door-- but what else is in it for you?  

Creating a killer brand..  


➕ helps you stand the test of time.

To reach a your tribe and attract new customers, it's important to keep up to date with the latest marketing trends. These trends have a tendency to come and go-- and let's be honest-- so do a lot of other online businesses and network/direct marketers.  Branding, when done correctly, can be a constant. This consistency in an ever changing space creates a sense of familairity and trust! If you're taking the time to be branded, and use your branding consistently, you will be perceived as more professional and more likely to still be around if someone wants to re-order or needs customer service!   (So this means that you want to make sure you get your branding right, and that you USE it consistently! If you're struggling with these things, let's chat!)  


➕   Builds recognition.

Branding allows customers to recognize a business instantly. The benefits of this for any business are limitless because many people are more willing to buy because of recognition alone. 


➕   creates value.

Let's say we are shopping and trying to decide betwen two shirts. One is just a plain tee, the other has a little Nike logo embroidered on it. 9/10 times, customers are willing to pay several times more money for a very similar product because of brand alone! 


➕ builds loyalty.

A strong brand with a good reputation keeps customers loyal. If a customer trusts the brand, they will be more likely to buy related products rather than shop elsewhere. 


➕ creates connection, cohesiveness, and consistency across multiple platforms.

Marketing strategies have to be learned and adapted for different social media platforms. Branding is more uniform. So, the brand logo and tagline can be used as a Facebook and Google+ header. It can be the Twitter logo and a watermark on Instagram pictures. This also reinforces the recognition of the brand. People then are more likely to 'like' on Facebook, follow on Twitter and repost on Instagram.


➕ reduces long-term costs.

Although time and resources are needed to create a strong brand, once this done, it is easy to maintain. In fact, in some cases, less money can be spent on advertising and marketing because the branding creates less need.  


➕   increases revenue.

Having a strong brand leads to more sales and allows you to charge more. Your tribe is willing to pay premium prices if they are obsessed with and trust your brand. 


demonstrates credibility and professionalism.

If you've invested in your business enough to have a professional looking brand it makes a statement that you are serious and here to stay. This gives people more confidence to buy from businesses that are going to be around in a few years.


➕makes selling much easier!

With people already trusting in the brand, it is much easier to continue selling products. It's statistically proven that existing customers are more likely to purchase again than someone who has never purchased before! (And they are more likely to make sure they tell their friends too!)


Are you branding your business like a "you up" text kinda fling, or at least going for the brand with benefits? 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

If your branding feels more like a one night stand and less like the dependable gonna be around type, and you're not even sure where to start--- baby girl, let's chat! 💖

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