#TRENDSETTER TIP // What To Wear When You're A BossBabe That Works From Home

One of my FAVORITE things about working from home is that I can literally spend my work day in my undies if I want to-- but that doesn't mean I do!

It can be easy to get caught up in our tasks for the day and not prioritize getting ourselves "ready" for work! 

When I decided that for others to take me (and my work from home business) seriously, one of the first changes I made was going from no pants queen to stylish blogger-- because at the end of the day which would you rather actually be?


 You are playing a role! the role of a badass bizbabe. You're fortunate enough to be the boss, call the shots and set your own hours. This SOUNDS amazing-- but #letskeepitreal, it can be a lot of responsibility! 

We all know that motivation comes from within instead of without. Motivation, focus and discipline are all serious challenges for the working at home babe. Not being able to find your routine, and get in your zone will lead to burn out QUICK! That is not the way that your business and your dreams will grow.

What can you do?

Get out of those pjs and do your hair.

Changing your frame of mind is simpler when you are dressed for success.

Remember how you prepared when you worked in the office?

Do the same at home. The one advantage is that you don't have to get up so early and you won't be required to spend your cash on gas getting to your "job".

Dress for Success

What will make you feel like you are at work?

It all depends on the nature of your business. If you work mainly online, most of the time, you do not have direct face-to-face contact with clients. Your dress code can be casual. If a video chat or live comes up, you don't have to rush and change. And you'll be looking cute but put together for any promotional videos ( and or selfies)!

The game changes a bit when your business involves going out and meeting clients.

The clothes that you wear are a part of your presentation.

Who wouldn't want to buy a product from a fashionably dressed babe?

One of your customers may also be more likely to take advantage of the business opportunities you represent because you looked the part! And looking good means you're going to be feeling good + on top of your game!

Fill Your Own Cup

The time you're spending getting ready is also an important part of "filling your own cup"! It's important to prioritize YOU before the day even begins!

What do you typically wear for a "work from home" day?! Tell me in the comments! >>BONUS POINTS IF YOU INCLUDE A WORK DAY SELFIE!