10 Ways to Build Your Credibility on Social Media

We all know that social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can help you to reach a potentially unlimited number of people with the very minimum investment in terms of time, money and effort.

Social media might be incredibly powerful, but it's still only going to be as good as the strategy you have in place and if you haven't first established yourself as credible,  you're less likely to achieve the results you're after!


So how do you achieve the results you're looking for? You can start by learning to leverage your online presence to build your credibility!


Here are 10 ways you can up your online cred!


➕Create a Blog👩🏻‍💻

Then fill it with well-researched, in-depth and informative posts and then share them on your social media. This is content marketing 101 and one of the best ways to establish trust and authority. Remember to stay true to your tribe & your vibe--and be strategic in your content & design!

>>And let's be real-- nothing says "I'm not playing around here" like having a professional blog & brand. Plus, you're racking up major "working smarter, not harder" points by plugging your content into a website so that it not only can serve as a resource for your tribe, but also racks up your SEO cred!


➕Connect With Your Tribe & Get More Followers💖👯

Unfortunately, if you have a social media account with 14 followers, you will have a hard time convincing people to care aboutwhat you have to say. Of course it shouldn't necessarily matter but it does. People see this as an indicator of your authority, so get to work growing that number. But remember -- it's not just all about the numbers-- look for quality > quantity & build relationships!


➕Be Personal & Authentic💁🏻

People like to know that there's a real human being behind a social media account which can help to build trust and therefore credibility. Sharing a glimpse into your life (and your gorgeous selfie) will help to build that connection with your tribe.


➕But Not too Personal 

That said, a drunken rant about your less than awesome habits/experiences can also seriously undermine your respectability. You might think it's amusing but you are your brand, and your social mediaaccount is like your store front-- and not the place for that kind of content.


➕Killer Branding

Your social media pages should have strong branding that utilizes high qualityimages and content. Make sure that everything is consistent and what your tribe finds "irresistible"--and recognizable!


➕Pay Attention To The Details😉

Does a misspelling necessarily mean that your interesting fact isn't true? It shouldn't do really but to a large portion of your tribe, it just might!


➕ Be Consistent!📅

If you go days, weeks or months on end without posting then your social media will look like a ghost town which suggests it's not a professional account. Consistency also builds trust, which is vital to converting potentials into customers!


➕Collab 👯

One of the easiest ways to be persuasive is to align yourself with another babe with a similar tribe!  If you can get a shoutout from another big social media account then this will help you grow your credibility.



Communities on social media give you a chance to answer questions and demonstrate that you know your stuff. Focus on SERVING > SELLING, this an opportunity to 'advertise' your expertise and knowhow, but without actually advertising it!


➕Deliver Quality✅

Most importantly: make sure that all your posts are interesting/entertaining and that you are consistently delivering quality and value.

Are you leveraging your social media to build your credibility? If so, tell us some of your favorite ways in the comments! If you're struggling with this, pop in the "LET'S CHAT" box + let me share some tips to help you!

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