How to Make Mornings Your B*tch // Wake Up Earlier, Happier, & Get More Done in Less Time!

For the past six months my husband has been working second shift hours at his job. It took a little while to get used to the schedule, but once we did--we grew to love it! We would sleep until 10:30 or 11 & hang out on the couch, have lunch, then both go to work until about midnight. We'd have dinner together then off to bed usually around 3-4 am. [ I love that as the boss, I get to set my own hours!]

A few weeks ago my husband received a promotion, which meant he would be making the transition to normal day shift hours. At first, I was really resistant to the change. But after a couple of weeks, I'm learning to LOVE waking up early (usually around 5 am)! I get to spend a little time each morning meditating and starting the day off right! (I've even manged to sneak in a workout or two and healthy breakfasts!)  Then, off to work!

I've found that working the morning hours I tend to be much more focused and productive! Which means I get more done, and have to work less hours!

I wanted to share a few tips that have been really helpful to me while making this transition! So here's how to wake up earlier, happier, & get more done in less time! 



-breakfast, lunches, snacks & dinner (BONUS POINTS- Use Sunday to prep for the week! 

-layout your clothes the night before

-set your alarm! Set it 5-10 minutes every morning! BONUS: If using your phone's alarm set it up with a fun quote or saying that helps you get excited to get up and start the day!


-take some time to unwind!

-no caffeine within a few hours of bedtime (I like to use a caffeine free night time tea!)

-hit the hay a little earlier

-drink a glass of water before bed

-set the temp (it's recommended that 68-72 is the perfect setting for a goof night of comfortable sleep!)

-Adjust the curtains! Let a little of natural light come in to help you wake up in the mornings!

-Electronics off! Or at the least set to "DO NOT DISTURB" & too far to reach from the bed!

-make a list of all of the things that are on your mind right before bed! Getting them out of your head and onto some paper will help you sleep and you can take care of all of those things the next day!

-If you have a hard time falling asleep play white noise or hypnosis! Spotify has some really awesome hypnosis albums! These have literally been life changing for me! But more on that another day! 

-Lavender Mist! I love this one from Bath & Body Works!  (You can also make your own using essential oils!)

-Crystals! I love to sleep with amethyst (relaxing) and rose quartz (love) by the bed! And when I'm feeling in need of a little extra inspiration or connection to Spirit + the Angels, I sleep with a little moonstone or Celestite under the pillow! 


-start the morning off first thing with a glass or warm water and lemon! This will help get your body and metabolism ready for the day!

-stretch or exercise! This gets the blood pumping and your energy levels up for a productive day!

-make the bed! You'll feel more in control and organized and not running stressed!

-grab a good healthy breakfast! Aim for more protein than heavy carbs!

-do something you LOVE every morning! You'll be excited to roll out of bed and do something you love and will help keep you in a good mood to tackle the day!

MAKE IT A HABIT--Even on the weekends!

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit!

 Routine will keep your mind + body in check!

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Do you have any tips to share to waking up early? 

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