Let's talk about pie--whoops! I mean Sales Funnels!

 So, if you've had an internet business for more than like a day.. you've probably heard some buzz about this thing called a Sales Funnel. But chances are, you may not really know what that means, or not really understand how they work and what you need to create your own! So I'm going to let ya in on a little secret-- it's not as complicated as it sounds! So to break it down for ya, I like to explain sales funnels in terms of pie, because --

Who doesn't love pie?!

Here's where we get to be REALLY intentional and strategic in our business! Learning how sales funnels work, and always be looking for ways to implement and leverage them is what will bring massive, long term growth!

Okay, back to the pie! ( yumm!)

I want you to think of your BIG thing that you want to sell! That may be your biggest one on one service, a collection of several products, or it could even be joining your team! THIS big, juicy, delicious thing is your big whole juicy delicious pie!

But this isn't just any pie! This is YOUR pie! And it's PERFECT for your tribe, it's made perfectly with them in mind! And this pie is not cheap!

So what happens if you put this irresistible, but expensive pie out for sale? Chances are, if your tribe hasn't ever heard of this special kind of pie, and haven't ever had a taste of any of your pie, is probably not going to buy your very expensive pie.

This is where the sales funnel comes in! We've got to find a way to sell that pie!

We know how amazing this pie is! And it's worth every, single penny! But how do we get our tribe to see that? And want to buy our whole pie?

First we could tempt them by placing the pie in the window, and letting your tribe see & smell your delicious pie. So how does this translate to your funnel? This is your free content! Your blog posts! Your social media!

Once they've eyed this delicious pie, they will want to know more! They know they pie looks and smells amazing, but is it really worth the price tag? How will they know for sure?

This is where we get to offer them one irresistible delicious to die for BITE of pie! This is where your lead-magnet / freebie / opt-in comes in! You agree to give them that bite in return for their email address! Keep in mind, this has to be AMAZING,

Valuable, & Effective -- but just a taste! You have to leave them wanting more!

Because if they LOVED that bite, it's the perfect time to offer them a piece of your pie! But keep in mind-- it has to be more than a bite, but still leave them craving that whole pie! This is typically a small value packed low-med priced item!

Once they've had that bite-- you've got it!

Time to go in for the kill with an offer for the whole pie! By this time there's no question, they KNOW they HAVE to have the whole pie because you've delivered on the bite and the piece already!

So it looks something like this!

Free content (pie in the window) > Lead Magnet (bite of pie) > Big Service/Product/Etc. (the whole pie)

I hope that this has helped you to understand sales funnels better!

Do you already have some funnels set up in your business?

Are you struggling to figure out what to create for your lead magnet?

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